The presenter and documentarian spoke with Weekend Magazine about the National Lottery’s People’s Projects initiative.

The National Lottery funds a host of charitable causes and community projects across the UK. Their People’s Projects initiative enables the public to vote on how a £3 million share of this funding is distributed, with community groups across the nation each hoping to receive up to £50,000 – money that could dramatically improve the lives of local residents. The scheme has awarded over £42 million to 960 good causes across the UK since 2005.

This year, 95 organisations have been shortlisted, and The National Lottery have asked a variety of famous names to raise awareness of The People’s Projects, helping to promote the individual causes and encouraging the public to get involved.


By connecting charitable celebrities with community projects and organisations that received support from last year’s round of funding, the National Lottery are helping the public find out more about how the money given makes a real difference in people’s lives. Julia Bradbury, a passionate environmentalist, spoke with Weekend Magazine about the importance of Bee Space, a community apiary in Hollywood, Scotland.

“Bees are one of our most important pollinators, and their populations are in decline. They need the support of projects like this wonderful one near Dumfries, which will ultimately help them thrive.”

Julia Bradbury

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