Popstar, model, actress and former Girls Aloud member Kimberley Walsh talked to YOU Magazine about the crucial funding distributed by the National Lottery’s People’s Projects initiative.

The National Lottery supports hundreds of community projects and charities around the UK, and their People’s Projects initiative gives members of the public an opportunity to have a say in how a £3 million share of their funds are distributed, with charities across the country vying to receive up to £50,000 each – funding that could dramatically change the lives of those in need.

The scheme has distributed over £42 million to almost a thousand charitable causes and projects across Britain since 2005. This year, 95 projects, organisations and charities have been shortlisted, and The National Lottery have recruited a range of celebrities to help raise awareness of The People’s Projects, promoting causes close to their heart while encouraging the public to get involved and vote.


By connecting socially conscious public figures with charitable causes that received funding from last year’s People’s Projects scheme, the National Lottery are raising awareness about how the initiative can make a difference in people’s lives. Kimberley Walsh spoke with YOU Magazine about The Carer’s Café, a Birmingham-based youth café that provides essential support to young people caring for their family members.

Discussing the Carers Café, Walsh said: “for these young people, being able to go regularly to this safe place, while building bonds and creating great friendships, must be invaluable. People playing The National Lottery often don’t realise that it raises around £30m each week for good causes. By visiting the People’s Projects website you can see the incredible things members of your local community are doing to help others.”

“I had an incredible opportunity to see the crucial difference that the funding from the National Lottery People’s Projects can make for community projects and charities. It has been one of the most rewarding projects I have ever been involved in.”

Natasha Hill, Senior Talent Agent
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