The world-famous former professional tennis player was partnered by MN2S with CMC Markets to appear in their highly popular podcast, The Artful Trader.

Leading financial services provider CMC Markets have invited MN2S talent and former tennis star Pat Rafter to appear on the third series of their podcast series The Artful Trader, a weekly podcast focused on finance and business. This season, titled “Confidence Uncovered”, explores how confidence correlates with success, sharing insights and wisdom from traders, behavioural experts, industry disruptors and athletes such as Pat in order to reveal the secrets behind determination, growth and personal achievement. The first two seasons of The Artful Trader reached over 68,000 listeners and was included in the Top 10 Australian Business Podcast Chart. This season is set to gain even more popularity, thanks to a wealth of high-profile guests.

Check out Pat Rafter’s interview on The Artful Trader.

Hosted by Michael Hewson and Michael McCarthy, Chief Market Analyst and Chief Market Strategist at CMC Markets, the podcast’s third season is set to feature a range of guest speakers, including world-renowned entrepreneurs, psychological experts and highly successful sportspersons such as Pat Rafter. As one of Australia’s most successful players and the country’s only male player to triumph in back-to-back US Open titles, Pat is able to offer unique insights on success and achievement in sport that can be productively applied to the worlds of finance and business.

“Our latest instalment of The Artful Trader allows global listeners to learn from professionals who embody confidence and apply these genuine experiences to continue their trader development.”

CMC Markets

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MN2S represents Pat Rafter and 1804 other Talent. View artist bio

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