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4 Essential tips so you can organise a successful event

Planning an event for children is very different to planning an event at which the main audience will be adults; as well as the obvious things like making sure it appeals visually to children and ensuring content is appropriate, you’ll also have to think about timing, food choices and more. We’ve rounded up some of the most important things to consider when planning an event for kids. Whether it’s a film premiere or a product launch, keeping your pint-sized consumer in mind will help in the planning.


Children in general have shorter attention spans than adults, and they’re less likely to put up with sitting around chatting! As well as making sure your event is at an appropriate time of day for the children who may attend, you’ll want to keep things moving to ensure little ones don’t get bored.


For instance, if you’re launching a new computer game aimed at pre-teens, you might want to consider a snack buffet rather than a sit down meal, with plenty of activities running that kids can take part in. For the product launch of a new brand of nappy or baby product you might have invited parent-bloggers, but you’ll need to ensure that the event is short and snappy, so parents don’t have to hang around for ages with their little ones.

From baby-changing to pediatric first-aid staff, you’ll need to think about the needs of your guests in a different way. By covering every eventuality you’ll ensure that your guests and their kids leave with a positive impression of your brand. Think about child-friendly food options and take into account common allergies – a child with a nut allergy might inadvertently eat salted peanuts when their parent’s back is turned, so it might be safer to make your whole event nut and seafood free, with clearly marked options for other dietary requirements.


Keeping little people occupied can be a challenge – but if you’ve planned well and done your market research, it can be easy to overcome. Don’t rely on one form of entertainment – you might book a vlogger to sign autographs for adolescents, but make sure there are other options for those who aren’t starstruck. Lots of activity stations offering options such as decorating cakes and biscuits, colouring in, taking photobooth photos and more is a great way to ensure no one gets bored. Think about celebrity hire to really make an impact on your guests – whether it’s a favourite footballer to promote a footballing computer game or a celebrity parent to offer parenting advice to new mums and dads, we have lots of suitable celebrities for hire at MN2S.

Planning is key

For any event involving children, planning is key – try to game out every eventuality and account for it. If you make sure your timings, facilities and entertainment are accounted for, you’ll be well on the way to a brilliant event!

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