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How to Perfect your Event Storytelling

For professionals in the communications game, the importance of good storytelling is a given – but what would you think if we told you that it’s crucial for events planning too? When you’re thinking about entertainment ideas, it’s worth bearing in mind the value of a good story, so keep reading to find out more.

How do we know that storytelling adds value?

Back in 2009, the Significant Objects Project investigated how a good story can add value to an object. They purchased inexpensive items which cost a total of $128, then attempted to sell them on Ebay. Instead of using factual descriptions, authors wrote fictional stories about the objects in any style or voice that they wanted to.
The results were impressive – the thrift store junk they had bought for just over $100 sold for more than $3,500, efficiently demonstrating how a good story can add intrinsic value to an object.

How does this apply to events?

Lots of studies have been done into the neurology of storytelling, proving that it can increase trust and cooperation, release dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins – all feel-good hormones. It also increases focus and recall – making it especially useful for corporate or training events and charity fundraising events, at which there are certain themes you may be keen to emphasize.

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Book a brilliant storyteller

We have some brilliant storytellers on the books here at MN2S, and if you hire a celebrity speaker you too could capitalise on the power of storytelling. Whatever your agenda, there’s sure to be a celebrity speaker who will fit in with your aims. Want to motivate your staff at a corporate event? Book a speaker who can tell a motivational story about their own experiences. Hoping to increase donations at a charity event? Book a speaker to tell a story about their experiences raising money for charity.
It’s not just about the entertainment, though – you can tell a story throughout many elements of your event. Phrase your invitation as a story; ensure that a story is told for each winner at an awards evening or tell stories about the items up for auction at a fundraising auction to help further your aims.

Quick tips to capitalise on storytelling

  • Remember that storytelling can add value to your event – financial and otherwise.
  • Neuroscience shows that people’s brains react differently to storytelling Incorporate stories into every element of your event.
  • From invites to speakers Let your speakers tell stories to draw in your audience.

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