The former professional boxer and world champion spoke about mental fitness with Simon Thomas for a joint campaign between RLWC2021 and Movember.

Ricky Hatton has taken part in an extensive interview and social media campaign promoting the Rugby League World Cup 2021’s mental health initiative, conceived in partnership with Movember and Rugby League Cares. This will see RLWC deliver mental health workshops to 8000 young Rugby League players, hoping to teach them skills that will enable them to look after their own mental health and that of those around them. Speaking with Simon Thomas, Ricky opened up about his own struggles with mental health and discussed the importance of reaching out to others for support. The 18-minute video was recently posted across Ricky’s Instagram, Twitter and Facebook channels.

“Proud to have been able to speak out and don’t be afraid to do the same.”

Ricky Hatton

“By the end of Rugby League World Cup 2021, we will have trained every player, team official, match official, teammate and volunteer to look after their mental fitness and that of those around them. To find out why this is so important, Simon Thomas caught up with boxing world champion Ricky Hatton to learn how he managed with highs and lows in his own career.”


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