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With Sophie Faldo taking the winning title for 2017, we look back at Great British Bake Off’s best bakes.

The Great British Bake Off first hit our screens on August 17th 2010, although you’d be forgiven for thinking it had been around longer. After all, it does feel like a staple of weeknight television, part of the furniture. In that time we have seen weird flavour combinations, interesting decorating choices and plenty of innuendo, as well as some outright disasters.

What we’ve also seen is some of the most incredible skill and craftsmanship when it comes to spinning sugar, coaxing icing into ever more intricate designs and braiding bread into complex and beautiful loaves.

To mark the end of the eighth series of the Great British Bake Off and the success of the show in its new home on Channel 4, we’ve rounded up seven of the most jaw-dropping, eye-popping, outright incredible bakes of the last seven years. Enjoy!

Frances Quinn’s vegetable patch canapes

Frances Quinn GBBO

The winner of series four of GBBO, Frances Quinn combined delectable flavours with an impeccable attention to detail when it came to food styling – and her vegetable patch canapes epitomised that. Since winning, she’s become a professional baker and released her own cookbook – ‘Quintessential Baking’.

Nancy Birtwhistle’s Summer Pudding Baked Alaska

Nancy Birtwhistle GBBO

Not only did Nancy’s baked alaska look spectacular, but according to the judges it was also delicious to boot. Her innovative twist on a classic dessert helped her to win series five of the show, thanks to the technical skill that the bake required, as well as the taste and aesthetic of her bake.

Lucy’s Thyme ‘Wildwood Cake’

Lucy’s Thyme GBBO

Sometimes the cakes on GBBO can veer towards the over-fussy and offer more style than substance – not so with this one. Series four’s Lucy might have left in week two, but she had some great moments while it lasted. This understated cake with beautiful, simple decorations had the judges bowled over.

Steven’s Baker’s Lunch

Steven Bakers Lunch GBBO

The most recent series of Bake Off started with a bang, when bakers were asked to create illusion cakes during their first week in the tent. The bakers rose to the challenge admirably, but none so much so as Steven, who created a spectacular loaf and sandwich cake almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

Frances Quinn’s Secret Squirrel cake

Frances Quinn GBBO

It may look rustic, but the time and energy spent to make this cake look artfully unfinished was considerable. Frances’ bakes were incredible almost without exception, but this chocolatey, tiered, woodland-inspired creation was a cut above even by her standards.

Peter’s Union Jack cake

GBBO Union Jack Cake

The first series saw Peter whip up this amazing Union Jack cake, which revealed a perfect flag when it was cut into. Requiring creativity, dexterity and a healthy dose of confidence as well as technical skill, it was bakeslike this one that helped to install GBBO in our hearts as a true national treasure!

Tamal Ray’s Chinese Fishing Village

 Chinese Fishing Village cake GBBO

Showstoppers in the final of GBBO are always pretty spectacular, but Tamal Ray’s Chinese Fishing Village wedding cake is one of the most memorable. Featuring many complex, different elements, he brought the bake together with some expert sugar spinning. Although he didn’t win and has now returned to his day job as a doctor, his cake will live on forever in the hearts of Bake Off fans!

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