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What You Need to Know About This Years Most Innovative Products


With every passing year the world that we live in gets weirder as more new products are invented to make our lives easier. With technology progressing apace, it’s only natural that some of the new developments might at first seem pretty out there – but then so did a touchscreen phone, a decade ago.

When you’re launching a new product it’s crucial to do it well, creating a big splash that generates media interest and consumer sales. If your product is truly unusual it will probably market itself pretty well, but you can always hire a celebrity to add to the newsworthiness of the launch – we’ve got plenty on the books here at MN2S.


Check out some of this year’s most out-there new products so far:


Ooho: The edible water bottle


edible water bottle ooho


Sometimes the simplest solutions are also the easiest, and the problem of plastics in our oceans is one that’s been building to a crescendo in recent years. Because it’s a material that never truly breaks down, every plastic water bottle ever made is still in existence – and that’s bad news for sealife.

Ooho was invented by students at Imperial College London, and it’s an edible, tasteless jelly-like sphere containing water – an alternative to a plastic water bottle. For those who don’t want to eat their water bottle, it’s also 100% biodegradable. Ingenious!


Ili instant translation



Language barriers can create struggles in all areas of life, from business to personal interactions. Although there are plenty of translation apps and programmes on the market, they all work with a significant delay, making it tough to have a fluent, fluid conversation.

Ili is a game-changer, it’s a device which translates what has been said by the speaker into another language instantly. Currently only available to translate Chinese and Japanese, if the device proves to be as effective and easy to use as it seems, it could transform the way that we all travel.


Paper-thin TVs


paper thin tvs television


The LG W-Series TV was released this year and could change the way we live – its unique selling point is that it’s a TV as thin as wallpaper, which means no more bulky TV stands or tricky wall-mounts, you can just put your TV up exactly like a picture.

The 77inch TV weighs just 27 pounds because the ‘guts’ of the TV are actually stored in a separate sound-bar and the screen is just a screen. With houses getting ever smaller, we’ll take anything that means we can free up some space!

Book a celebrity to help with your product launch

Three of 2017’s Best New Products


Whether you’re launching a new product or a new service, one of the key objectives of a launch is to generate some coverage in traditional media outlets and online. If your product isn’t quite as wacky as the ones we’ve covered in this article, then adding a celebrity into the mix could help to make your event that little bit more newsworthy.

If you’re looking for a celebrity to champion your product and attend your launch, look no further – we have huge names on our books from across the spectrum of celebrity. Ask a celebrity chef to help launch your food product, or engage an actor to talk about a new streaming service. Whatever you need, we can help so get in touch today.

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