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The best DIY SOS Makeovers ever Broadcasted

DIY SOS can best be described as a national treasure – it’s a TV show that’s been running for almost two decades. First commissioned in 1999, when it began, the show focused on righting DIY disasters. However, since severe flooding hit the UK in 2008 it has taken on a different form – the show now sees builders and tradesmen volunteering to complete home renovations for families who really need them – often those who are seriously ill or have mobility problems.

Although almost every episode is a tear-jerker, a few have stood out from the crowd as not only exceptional renovations, but also projects with an exceptional impact on their recipients. Check out our pick for three of the best ever DIY SOS projects.

Canada Street, Manchester

Although DIY SOS usually focuses on just one family in need, in 2015 they took on their biggest project yet – renovating 8 houses on one street in Manchester. The houses were for veterans who had been injured while serving, and eight families were provided with functional, fit for purpose homes thanks to the show.

It didn’t end there though; after the show had aired other organisations stepped in to renovate other derelict houses on the street, and DIY SOS returned a year later to complete another batch of houses. In total, 25 houses are now suitable for homing veterans with mobility needs and their families.

The Million Pound Build for Children in Need

Another one-off episode saw DIY SOS helping a charity funded by Children in Need. Peterborough’s Little Miracles charity desperately needed more space, so the team from DIY SOS, helped by an incredible 600 volunteers, took on the challenge of giving it to them.

The finished build not only met the charity’s needs, but also showed the huge difference that good design can make for people with disabilities and life-limiting conditions.

Kyle and Garry Ratcliffe

Based on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent, Kyle and Garry Ratcliffe are two exceptionally generous and open-hearted people – so much so that they have adopted four children, three of whom have serious, life-limiting disabilities. The home that their family lived in was not fit for purpose, and in a DIY SOS first, the team decided to knock down the whole house and start from scratch.

This enabled them to widen doorways for wheelchairs, install wetrooms and create space for each child to have their own bedroom. Although every DIY SOS project changes the lives of the people it helps, the Ratcliffes’ situation showed an incredible level of selflessness, and seeing the finished product was an incredibly touching moment.

Charlie Luxton MN2S

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