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Event planning isn’t a gift that some people are born with – it’s a skill, honed over time and with experience. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to boost your skills and make event planning an easier task for you. We’ve picked out three top skills that all event planners need:

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Unlike event planning, organisation is a skill that comes naturally to some. Lists, spreadsheets and plans make up their lives, and they like to stay on top of everything – whether it’s grocery shopping or event planning.

Luckily for the rest of us, the internet offers plenty of tools to help. Trello can be a great way to manage different work streams and work alongside others to achieve common goals, while Evernote can be useful for a whole variety of things besides making notes.

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Like organisation, creative thinking comes more easily to some people than others, but it’s vitally important if you want to design interesting and engaging events. Whether you find being creative easy or difficult, a great way to stay on top of developments and spark your own ideas is to keep on top of industry news.

Follow some interesting event-planning blogs, set up Google alerts for search terms you’re interested in and use Pinterest to save ideas on boards – you could have one for decor, one for entertainment ideas and another for creative food options.


Organising a wonderful event is a huge undertaking – and for an event planner, it takes serious multi-tasking skills. You’ll need to be able to keep lots of balls in the air at the same time, so take a hint from us and delegate anything you’re able to.

A great place to delegate is by leaving the entertainment to talent agencies like MN2S. All you need to do is pick the entertainment you’d like and we can take care of the rest – we can even help you select the perfect celebrity for the job if you don’t already have someone in mind.

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Event planning skills

Organisation, multi-tasking skills and creativity make up the key skills of an event organiser – get these three nailed and you’ll be halfway there. What are you waiting for?

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