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Thinking of topics that your celebrity guest might choose to talk on?

An after-dinner speaker can be an excellent addition to the schedule of any event you’re planning, whether it’s a charity ball or fundraiser or a corporate event like a Christmas party, an awards ceremony, a long-service dinner or a corporate retreat. Celebrity speakers add real value to your event, so if you’re looking to shift tickets or simply to encourage colleagues to attend, the draw of after-dinner speakers can be a real draw for your event.

No two events are the same and choosing an appropriate topic for your after-dinner speaker can be tricky; a motivational speaker like a successful business-person giving a speech about entrepreneurship would be out of place at a charity event, while a reality TV star talking about their experiences on TOWIE or I’m a Celebrity might not go down so well at a corporate retreat.


So what topics are good for after-dinner speakers?


Personal stories

After-dinner speakers who are simply telling their own stories are a category which has a very wide appeal at a variety of different types of event. Being able to delve deeper into a celebrity’s background and hear in their own words what they’ve lived through is generally pretty interesting to a large cross-section of people.

If your speaker has had personal struggles against adversity to get to their position, then all the better; it’s not a sob story, but a topic that tugs on the heartstrings is always sure to guarantee a positive reaction from your guests.

It’s possible to find personal stories that fit almost any theme. For a charity event, it’s often possible to find someone who has experience of the cause for which the charity is working, whether that’s disadvantaged youngsters, a specific illness or a kind of animal.

For corporate events, a more business-minded speaker might help to motivate and inspire your staff in their jobs, or an artist could talk to them about creativity and how important it is to think outside of the box sometimes.

Something a little bit secret…
Another topic that guests are sure to embrace wholeheartedly is one that they don’t know much about, but which they find intriguing. Did you know that MN2S has Perry McCarthy on our books? Don’t know who he is? That’s kind of the point!



This lesser-known after-dinner speaker is a racing driver – but that’s not the most interesting thing on his CV. Perry was also The Stig on BBC’s Top Gear for several years, a highly secretive job that saw him racing around tracks in some of the world’s most impressive super-cars.

Your guests are undoubtedly going to find him an interesting guy, because he can give an insight into something that’s usually a big secret; they’ll feel special for being in on it!


Another speaker who falls into this category is David Emanuel, the designer of Lady Diana Spencer’s famously lavish wedding dress when she married Prince Charles. Although his position is one that’s less secretive, it’s one that’s nonetheless still fascinating for those with an interest in fashion and the royal family.

He’s a speaker with arguably a less broad appeal than The Stig, but particularly if your audience includes more ladies than gentlemen, he could be an intriguing speaker and offer something a bit different.


Raise a laugh

If you’re looking for entertainment that’s on the light side, booking a comedian could be a great way to ensure that your guests have a brilliant time and remember your event for years to come.

It’s an option that’s less formal than a traditional after-dinner speaker, which is sure to score you some points. YouTuber Charlie Hides has won thousands of loyal followers on his channel thanks to his cutting impressions of celebrities including Lady GaGa, Madonna and Cher. He’s a brilliant, if slightly unorthodox, choice for a tongue-in-cheek speaker who’s sure to have your audience roaring with laughter.


Booking celebrity speakers

If you’re looking for an after-dinner speaker for a function or event that you’re throwing, we’re sure to have someone on the books who’ll fit the bill. Whether it’s inspiration and motivation you’re after, or just a good laugh, we’ve got comedians, sports-people, actors, singers and many more available to book.

Why not give one of our friendly celebrity agents a ring today to discuss your needs? Or drop us an email and let us know what you’re after.

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