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Thinking of booking sporting talent from the world of golf for your next event?


With such a wide variety of celebrity talent available to speak at your event, it can be tough to narrow down what type of celebrity would work best for your audience, and what the pros and cons of each celebrity speaker are.

We’ve taken a look at some of the reasons that golfers are such popular and engaging celebrity speakers, and the wide range of people to whom they appeal.

Keep reading to find out more about some of the golfing legends on our books here at MN2S, and why you should book one for your next event.

Business and golf go hand in hand

After dinner speaker

For many business people a round of golf at the weekend is the perfect way to unwind from a stressful week in the office, offering a game that’s both a physical and mental challenge, but without the sweat and exertion of some other sports.

The golf course can even be the setting for a business deal, providing an ideal location in which to discuss details without the confrontation of meeting across a table (though more competitive sportsmen and women may disagree!)

It’s certainly a sport that’s intrinsically linked in many people’s minds with business, and with so many business people enjoying golf it’s a good bet that plenty of your guests at a corporate event will have an interest in it.

Choose a golfer as a celebrity speaker, then, and you can count on a good portion of your audience already being receptive to what they have to say – and those that aren’t yet fans of the sport can are sure to enjoy learning a bit about it.

Lifting the curtain

There are few sports considered more mysterious than golf to the uninitiated, between its complicated rule book, the obscure vernacular of its players and yes, what is sometimes considered to be a relatively exclusive sport.

It’s another reason that golfers make excellent after dinner speakers – they can offer insight into a sport that some people know very little about, explain how it works in an accessible way and maybe even encourage some people to give it a go.

Even those who aren’t sucked in by the technicalities of the game are sure to relate to the sportsmen and women who compete in the professional golfing world in the same way that any sporting success story is interesting.

The perseverance and endurance that it takes to reach the top echelons of a sport apply just as much to golf as they do to any other sport, and the colourful personal stories of our celebrity speakers will make it fascinating to almost anyone.

Legends of the golfing world

On our books you’ll find golfing legends aplenty, so whatever audience you’re catering for at your event, there’s sure to be someone they’ll find intriguing.


The charismatic John Daly has had a rollercoaster of a career including winning a major tournament as a complete unknown and becoming the first ever player to average more than 300 yards per drive for a whole season. The American now owns a highly successful brand of loud golf-wear and designs courses in his spare time, making him a very interesting character who’s sure to fascinate your guests.

Louis Oosthuizen MN2S

Louis Oosthuizen is still winning major titles including the US Open in 2015, giving him a very contemporaneous view on the state of the sport. Turning professional at the tender age of just 19, he’s also got a lot to say about the nature of success at such a young age, and his easy charm and humor make him a safe bet for even the most eclectic audiences.

Chesson Hadley MN2S

For someone a bit different, Chesson Hadley is a rising star on the circuit and turned professional just a few years ago; one quirky feature of his game is that despite being a natural left hander, he plays with his right. A witty and charming public speaker, he’s sure to be snapped up fast for speaking engagements.

Talent management agency

If you’re interested in booking a golfer to speak at your next event, then you’re in the right place – here at MN2S we have lots of talented and talkative golfers on our talent roster.after dinner

Contact us to speak to one of our friendly and helpful talent agents and book a celebrity to appear at your event who’ll ensure it’s the talk of the town.

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