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On October 17th MN2S will return to Amsterdam to present our ADE showcase event. This year DJ Jazzy Jeff will headline, alongside Soul Clap, DJ W!LD and Kon.

We caught up with Kon to hear his thoughts on ADE 2014 ahead of the event.

Kon is known for his ability to blend funk, soul, disco and house, with a mixture of well-known classics and lesser known gems. With years of experience behind him his sets are always vibrant and entertaining.

Q. What are you looking forward to most about ADE 2014?

A. Obviously I’m looking forward to the music and parties but more importantly creating new memories with good friends. I go way back with Soul Clap (before soul clap existed) and we’re both from Boston.

The record shops! Also I’ve got some good friends originally from Amsterdam and it’s always a pleasure to chill in one of my favorite cities in Europe.

Q. Why is ADE such an important event for the electronic music community? 

A. Last year was my first time playing ADE for the Lumberjacks in Hell party which was a great time. I can say the acts/DJs booked for ADE are far more interesting than our version of it, WMC in Miami. Which in my opinion used to be a much cooler thing, WMC just isn’t the same now.

Amsterdam is also central to cities like London and Berlin, where so much of today’s freshest and innovative music is coming from. As an American, the energy in Europe is always inspiring and refreshing.

Q. What are you currently working on or looking to showcase during the conference? 

A. I’ve got a few different projects going on, some house, and of course disco, but I’ve gone back to using more samples. There’s something special to me about making new music from old music, that texture. More remixes and reworks as well.

Also this line up for the MN2S party is something different, I feel like my style is a bridge between disco, hip hop, and house and like many DJs from back in the day and even now, Jeff has been a huge influence on me.

While I may be known for disco and compilations of rather obscure music, party rock style is how I came up as a DJ, where a DJ would play a vast range of music, not just one style or tempo throughout the set. So people who come should be expecting all genres on this night.

Q. Finally what’s your top ADE tip?

A. Respect yourself and show some love.

Ahead of the event Kon has prepared an exclusive mix for MN2S, you can listen to it below.

This event is free to ADE delegates or buy tickets via PayLogic.

ADE aside Kon will be available for EU bookings between Oct 17- Dec 1st

For more information or to enquire about a booking please visit Kon’s artist page.

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