The international footballer has teamed up with energy provider Utilita to help Britain save on their energy.

David James and Utilita have linked up to work on a new year-long campaign that has the power to educate millions of people across football communities and support the environmental causes that he values. Switch Before Pitch is encouraging football clubs to save energy and save money. Utilita have calculated that turning appliances off at the plug without using standby can save £30 per household per year, providing enough money to buy four training rebounders and one handheld rebounder if each member of an 11-man club pitches in to save.

Find out more about the Switch Before Pitch campaign.

Switch Before Pitch also gives local football clubs the chance to win football goodies, equipment, and a year’s worth of energy, with David James himself visiting the top-performing club in 2021 to present their prize. Commenting on the impact of the campaign, David James remarked: “This campaign will help clubs focus on saving and raising money, but most importantly, it will educate everyone it reaches about the simple ways we can all use less energy wherever we are, which will impact our pockets, and most importantly, our planet.”

“As part of Utilita Energy’s new ‘Switch Before Pitch’ activity, we have teamed up with International and premier league legend and former England goalkeeper, David James, who has calculated what football equipment your club could afford, by doing our little bit for the planet (and your parents’ pockets will feel the difference too!)”


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