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It’s nothing new, but footballing brand partnerships continue to be effective marketing techniques well into the digital age.

For many football supporters, the love of the game encompasses all elements of their life. They often have lifelong relationships with their teams, rooted in nostalgia, tradition, and loyalty passed down through generations. Whether it’s watching games with family, celebrating victories in a sports bar, or commiserating defeats in the stadium next to a complete stranger, these shared experiences create enduring memories and emotional connections that last the test of time.

Football is more than just a sport—it’s a cultural phenomenon that transcends geographical, social, and cultural boundaries. “1.5 billion people watched the 2022 World Cup final live on television,” and according to FIFA,there are “five billion football fans around the world.” 

Source, FIFA

“You can’t imagine football fanatics in Brazil naming their offspring after a jug-eared tap-in merchant such as Gary Lineker, can you?


Spanning across continents and cultures, football matches are communal events that bring people together, fostering a strong sense of community, shared identity, and belonging among supporters. Footballers become role models or heroes, with supporters viewing them as part of the family, embodying the values, passion, and spirit of their team and community. Expectant parents have even gneo as far as to name their newborns after football players.

“You can’t imagine football fanatics in Brazil naming their offspring after a jug-eared tap-in merchant such as Gary Lineker, can you? Well, actually, there are 606 Brazilians called Lineker. All were born from the 1980s onwards. Lineker is the 5,511th-most popular name in Brazil, and while that doesn’t sound like very much, it’s an Anglo-Saxon surname meaning ‘flax-grower’ which is being used as a given name in a Portuguese-speaking country. “

Source, FourFourTwo

Footballers’ influence extends beyond the pitch, reaching millions through social media, endorsements, and public appearances. Top footballers have global recognition, uniting fans worldwide. Well-crafted brand partnerships can capitalize on this appeal, reaching new markets and driving international growth. These partnerships align with football’s cultural impact, resonating with fans on a deeper level and fostering brand loyalty through nostalgia and affinity.

Do you recognise this man? A Brand partnership capable of brand revival

In 1994, Gary Lineker became the public face of Walkers crisps in a campaign that put a humorous spin on the England star’s ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ persona. Both Lineker and Walkers were born in Leicester, and this partnership helped revive the brand in the 90s. Thirty years later, Lineker still represents Walkers as a brand ambassador, with the partnership having become one of the most iconic celebrity endorsements in the UK and resulting in Walkers becoming the best seller of crisps in the UK.

Here at MN2S, we understand the importance of pairing your brand with the correct talent or personality. We’ve had many successful partnerships with football players such as Gary Lineker himself.

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