Former professional boxer David Haye has been asked to promote the latest TV ad campaign for Volvo’s construction vehicles.

In a post on his Facebook page (with 750,000 followers, no less) Haye commented on Volvo’s latest video, remarking: “Haha, this has really made me laugh, the Volvo Excavators working out with none other than Dolph Lundgren leading the pack!”

In the video, released on 12th November, iconic Hollywood actor Dolph Lundgren (best known as Soviet boxer Ivan Drago from Rocky IV) plays a drill instructor, putting Volvo’s excavator vehicles through their paces in a series of work-out routines that test their strength and endurance. The comic advert is a cheeky nod to Lundgren’s tough-guy status, demonstrating the power and resilience of Volvo’s construction vehicles while entertaining viewers with Lundgren’s antics. And, in an oddly appropriate turn, the ad is sound-tracked by long-time MN2S client Technotronic’s hit single ‘Pump Up The Jam’.

Check out the campaign below:

Who is the Haymaker, David Haye?

David Haye is a former professional boxer, competing from 2012 to 2018. The first British boxer to reach the final round of the World Amateur Boxing Championships, (where he won a silver medal in 2001) Haye eventually became a world heavyweight champion. His hugely successful career has led many to see him as an icon in the sporting world.

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