Beatport has revealed two unique techno categories in order to accurately represent the wide range of styles that encompass the genre.

Techno has become one of the fastest growing genres in the current electronic dance music scene. It’s also one of the most innovative and diverse; there’s virtually no limits on the creativity that can be showcased in techno. While house music can be more easily categorized into sub-genres like deep house, tech house, and minimal, “techno” is often used as an umbrella term for countless styles of intelligent dance music.

As the industry’s leading online music store, Beatport is used constantly by artists and fans from all around the world. The website is particularly known for its house and techno selects, and DJs will often first turn to Beatport’s Top 100 to discover new music. Given techno’s popularity and the wide range of sounds that fall under the term, Beatport has recently expanded its techno genre into two distinct categories.

Most releases are placed in the “Peak Time/Driving/Hard” section. Some artists currently featured on the Top 100 include Charlotte de Witte, Joyhauser, UMEK, Spektre, and Amelie Lens. These powerful, warehouse-ready sounds will surely be played out at clubs and festivals throughout the world. On the other hand, “Raw/Deep/Hypnotic” showcases the more experimental and niche styles of the genre. Discover the endless possibilities of techno with tracks from artists like Temudo, Fjaak, and Marcel Dettmann. With twice the amount of curated playlists and staff picks now available, expect Beatport and their staff to continue to shine a light on the best techno releases in the world.

“[Labels that] release more niche styles of techno struggle to be represented on the store, which is why we’re continually refining the way we categorise music.”


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