UK Garage guru DJ Cartier has announced the release of an exciting new project: Ministry of Sound’s Garage XXV.

The UKG DJ and tastemaker has mixed a 100-track compilation for the iconic label, packed full of hits and deep cuts from the past twenty five years of UK Garage music.

Garage XXV will be released on the Christmas-friendly date of 24th November. One day earlier, a major TV advertising campaign will launch to promote the release.

As UKG’s premier DJ, Ministry of Sound could not have chosen a better selector to mix this compilation. Over his own illustrious career, DJ Cartier has become integral to the underground scene. The DJ hosts his weekly radio show on Rinse FM, Saturdays at 2pm, allowing him to shape the modern garage scene with his always-exquisite taste. On top of this, he’s been a member of the Ministry of Sound’s Essential Garage Team since 2014, putting him in prime position to mix Garage XXV.

Cartier has collaborated with a long list of Garage greats in his time. His hugely popular Bars with Carts series has featured some of the biggest UKG MCs in the country rapping over his mixes, including B Live, Dappa and MC Vapour.

One of the most comprehensive genre compilations of all time, Garage XXV will bring UKG’s twenty five years of history together in one package for the first time.

Book DJ Cartier now to bring the UKG guru to your venue.

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