DJ Jazzy Jeff’s ninth annual Summertime Mixtape, created in collaboration with MICK, is finally here.

The weather may already be breaking records, but the summer has only just truly begun. Every year, DJ Jazzy Jeff and MICK team up to bring the sunny vibes with their Summertime Mixtape series.

The duo’s ninth collaborative mixtape does not disappoint. As is the tradition, the mix kicks off with a remix of DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince’s classic seasonal hit “Summertime”, this time featuring Rhymefest on vocals and Jorun Bombay on production, before delving into a playlist of uplifting summer tunes.

Summertime Mixtape Volume 9 features tracks from the likes of Michael Jackson, Outkast, Amerie, Arrested Development and Slick Rick in an hour and 15 minutes of positive vibes and danceable beats.

Listen to DJ Jazzy Jeff & MICK’s Summertime Mixtape Volume 9 here:

This mixtape is DJ Jazzy Jeff’s first since his recent studio album M3 — the third in his Magnificent trilogy. The album was released in May, and it shone a light on Jeff’s stellar, soulful production and featured guest vocals from rappers Rhymefest, Dayne Jordan and Uhmeer.

Book DJ Jazzy Jeff now to bring the king of the summertime to your venue or festival.

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