13 July 2017

Godfathers of Drum ‘n’ Bass Fabio & Grooverider will feature in the upcoming book: Renegade Snares by Carl Loben and Ben Murphy.

Renegade Snares is billed as, “The ultimate story of drum & bass music: its past, present and future.” Loben and Murphy will trace the genre from its underground origins to its mainstream success, speaking to many of its most important figures along the way.

Aside from Fabio & Grooverider, the authors have spoken to other Drum ‘n’ Bass stalwarts such as Roni Size, Andy C, Ed Rush & Optical and Hype. The book will also highlight lesser-known innovators like Omni Trio and Dillinja, and new school artists like Noisia and dBridge. As the icing on the cake, the book will have a foreword by Goldie.

Renegade Snares is currently raising money via crowdfunding publication site Unbound. Those interested can pledge to fund Renegade Snare here. As it’s crowdfunding, there are a number of rewards available for backers. These include signed editions, goodie bags, dubplates, and getting your name in the back of the book.

Read an excerpt from Renegade Snares here.

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