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So you’ve seen other DJs on Facebook and Instagram that have a ton of fans, cool photos, huge audiences, and all that good stuff. Even though you’ve followed social media advice to post frequently and to produce more content, you’re still having trouble gaining traction.

What if you could change that? What if you could discover the tricks to boosting your DJ career using social media? Our best advice is to work with a social media agency like MN2S. In the meantime, though, here’s our top five tips…

1. Get good photographs

Ask or employ a photographer to capture high-quality images of you in both candid and DJ-related settings. Given that you will have plenty of time to create high-quality content, it is definitely worth the money. The places where you desire to perform will have something catchy to publish about you thanks to this enhanced perception of you.

2. Stay active and post consistently

Use recurring topics and constantly post (at least a couple times per week) (for example: motivational Monday, throwback Thursday etc.). Because individuals look forward to going out the most on Thursdays and Fridays, I find that those days generate the most engagement. Always share information that is entertaining and relevant to your fans.

3. Build your network

Utilizing the connections you’ve made through your in-person networking, approach important individuals and other DJs about working together or becoming friends. Follow and leave comments frequently on the channels of the DJs, promoters, and venues in your area. If bars and clubs are aware of you and believe you can draw customers, they are more inclined to give you a chance.

4. Use engaging captions

Use captions to make your content more captivating. Asking individuals their current favourite song, for instance, will demonstrate your concern for your audience. Participate actively in the community you want to be your crowd by sharing photos and tales from shows you attend with other people and tagging them!

5. Stories are key

Use Instagram Stories, which may be configured to share immediately to Facebook, as the ring around your profile photo will make it appear more lively and individualised. The general idea is that posts should provide polished, high-quality content, while stories should contain the raw, candid, behind-the-scenes information.

Find out more about what our social media management team can do for you.

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