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MN2S is a multi-faceted music and talent agency that utilises our expertise and experience within the entertainment industry to provide world-class social media management services.


Align your social media with your goals

As an established social media management agency, we develop strategies and action plans to ensure that the time and money you put into social media management brings you closer to the sales, publicity, influence or opportunities you are aiming for.

Reach more of the right people

Our social media management services will grow your following, increasing awareness of your activities and developing a loyal community of fans. We also work on building relationships with influential people and brands that can lead to valuable opportunities.

Keep the quality of content high

High quality content is the key to strong branding, and a fundamental aspect of any successful social media management services package. We handle the copy, editorial and overall aesthetic of your channels to project the right image to the public.

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How we do it

As a social media management agency with experience handling social media for musicians, celebrities and brands, we’re equipped with the expertise and tools to boost your online presence, grow your following and shape your online perception.


Understand your brand

We make sure that we have an intimate understanding of your brand and message before we begin our working relationship. This ensures that your voice is consistent and authentic, resulting in content that supports your values and represents you accurately and effectively.

Set goal-related targets

By integrating your goals with our research on what your target audience demands, we develop a focused social media plan that fulfils those aims. We then agree on how to measure and report on our progress in achieving your goals.

Report back regularly

Our social media management services include sophisticated analytics that we utilise to provide you with regular updates on how your presence has grown, or how specific campaigns have performed – so you can see what’s working well, and why.

Who We Work With

We work with artists, celebrities, music venues and brands, managing the full spectrum of channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. By providing crucial support and advice, we ensure the effort they are putting into their social media channels is effective in achieving their specific goals. For others we manage everything, enabling them to sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that their accounts are being taken care of by a professional social media management agency.


Crystal Waters | Artist
Kubo | Artist
Marshall Jefferson | DJ
Liz Mitchell | Artist
Faze Action | DJ Duo
Brother May | Artist
Angeline Ball | Artist
Disco Twitter | DJ
Tom Boxer | DJ

Our social media services

Our social media management services will form part of a comprehensive strategy that is tailored to your specific goals. Whether you want to promote your recent work, improve your credibility or simply grow your following, we work with you to achieve your aims through a range of sophisticated methods that are grounded in creative and technical expertise.



Develop social media strategy

Use competitor and audience research to develop a social media strategy and action plan to support your goals.

Set-up Social Profiles

Design and integrate your social media profiles to reflect your brand consistently across all social media channels.

Create & Promote Content

Develop, post and cross-promote original articles, videos and images, or content generated by yourself or your followers.

Geo-Target Users

Adapt, manage and schedule your social media content to maximise impact across targeted audiences and regions.

Run social contests

Develop ideas and implement contests and giveaways that target relevant social media users and attract followers.

Build social relationships

Identify and build relationships with influential people and brands who can generate profitable opportunities.

Monetize social media

Implement the posts, shares and likes required by your contracts for paid promotions and product endorsements.

Monitor & respond

Alert you to any relevant activity, or share, reply and comment on your behalf: all in line with your brand’s tone and values.

Manage social media advertising

Create and manage adverts or sponsored posts on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter that are designed to increase engagement.

Measure & analyze

Use advanced analytics and tracking to provide you with detailed insights and feedback on audiences and online campaigns.


Brother May


“I was in the best possible hands over at MN2S with Cal heading up my social media campaign, it was bound to be a successful run with him in charge, to be honest if it wasn’t for my manager sourcing out only the best at MN2S the campaign leading up to album release day wouldn’t of been the same. Cal’s keen/practical eye to social media platforms paying special attention to detail made all the difference, and I would recommend any up and coming artist to invest in themselves and use him.

Big up yourself, above and beyond.”


Simon and Robin Lee (Faze Action)


“We’ve been using the Social Media services at MN2S for the best part of a year now and found that our engagement on our social media platforms has steadily risen. We still get to choose what the content of our pages is but it’s just done in a way more engaging way than before.”


Marshall Jefferson


“I have relied on MN2S Social Media Services for several years to ensure my fans are up to date with my busy tour schedule. In addition to this, the guys at MN2S dig deep through my archives, discovering content I had totally forgotten about and present it in a fresh, engaging way.”


Liz Mitchell (Boney M)


“MN2S Social Media Services have been fantastic in keeping on top of my live touring. In addition to this, content is presented tastefully, with a perfect balance of contemporary and archive news and images. The promotional videos produced by MN2S have also shown great engagement.”

Latest news

Amber Donoso & Sebastian Downing interviewed for Notion


3 December 2021

Amber Donoso & Sebastian Downing interviewed for Notion

The reggaeton queen and MN2S PR client spoke with Notion Magazine about her new collaboration with Sebastian Downing, founder of ForeverGood. Notion…

10 perfect Christmas gift ideas for the producer or DJ you love


2 December 2021

10 perfect Christmas gift ideas for the producer or DJ you love

With Christmas fast approaching, MN2S have hand picked a list of ten perfect gifts for the budding producer or DJ in your…

Arnold Schwarzenegger partnered with World of Tanks by MN2S


1 December 2021

Arnold Schwarzenegger partnered with World of Tanks by MN2S

MN2S has partnered the superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger with World of Tanks, a video game developed by Wargaming. Actor, producer, businessman and former…


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