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These are the famous DJs you can’t afford not to hire.

When they’re not acting, singing, or doing photo shoots, a large number of world-famous celebrities like to turn their hands to other pursuits. For some, it’s painting. Others, competing on reality TV shows. And for these particular celebrities, it’s DJing.

These famous DJs are more than mere part-timers. Each and every one of them is completely dedicated to their craft. Some have learned the ropes from renowned DJs, or even teamed up with them to form powerful duos. Others have gone at it alone. In all of these cases, they have established themselves as pros behind the decks and DJed many successful venues, parties and events. To find out more about booking any of these famous DJs, get in touch today.

DJ Fat Tony and Naomi Campbell

Not content with being one of the most iconic catwalk supermodels of all time, Naomi Campbell has proven that not only can she look better than anyone else, she can put a stellar setlist together too. Teaming up with London scene stalwart DJ Fat Tony, Campbell’s parties are always the talk of the town. Fat Tony himself has been embraced by London clubbers from across the spectrum, and his garage parties are the stuff of legend. Working together, Fat Tony and Naomi Campbell put on a show like no other. Booking this duo will turn heads, and get everybody out on the dance floor.

DJ Taboo

Making a name for himself as a member of the Black Eyed Peas, Taboo has since established a solo career as a rapper, singer, dancer, fashionista, and activist. On top of all this, he’s mastered the art of spinning in his widely acclaimed DJ career. His DJ sets are as eclectic as his influences, spanning pop, hip-hop, funk, soul, and electronic. With is recent solo work in defending Standing Rock reservation from the Dakota Access Pipeline being particularly well-received, there’s never been a better time to book Taboo for a DJ set.

DJ Fat Moss

Like fellow supermodel Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss has become a master of the DJ booth. And she did it the same way—by teaming up with London scene legend Fat Tony. Together, the duo have taken on the world, playing everywhere from the Chopard party in Cannes, to a 50th anniversary show at Annabel’s private members’ club with music legend Grace Jones herself.

DJ Lindsay Lohan

When she’s not starring in Hollywood movies or making headlines around the world, actress Lindsay Lohan can be found in the booth at parties and events worldwide. High profile gigs include stints at London’s Whisky Mist club, a high profile celebrity wedding in Florence, and a VIP set at Cannes film festival. She may not be part of a duo, but Lohan has still learned chops from some of the biggest and most successful DJs on the planet, sharing the booth with the likes of Major Lazer and Diplo.

Boy George

80’s icon Boy George is best known for fronting Culture Club, singing classics such as ‘Karma Chameleon’ and ‘Do You Really Want To Hurt Me’. Since his rise to fame, the artist has expanded into other areas, including TV work as a judge on The Voice, and, most importantly, DJing. Boy George brings the same flair and showmanship to every DJ set as he does to his live performances.

Paris Hilton

Socialite, TV personality, actress, model, singer—there’s no one way to define Paris Hilton. She laid the foundations for the Kardashian-style social media stars of today way before Twitter or Instagram were widely-used. Since she’s turned her talents to so many other passions, it’s no surprise that Paris has also excelled at DJing. Starting her spinning career back in 2012, Hilton’s first major gig was closing for Jennifer Lopez in front of a 30,000-capacity crowd in Brazil. Since then she has developed a unique style of her own, blending trap, EDM, deep house, techno, hip-hop and R&B.

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