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Groovegrovees is a new label focusing on releasing quality contemporary house music with a rhythmic flair. We caught up with label head Milliofran to hear more about the label’s journey and their ambitions for the future.

How long has your label been in operation?

Only a few months now, since it’s a new label.

What inspired you to set up the label in the first place?

 I love house music, so I felt that I could assist producers in releasing music and marketing their craft.

How would you describe your musical philosophy and creative vision?

The vision is releasing music that will inspire a lot of souls.

Tell us about your first release – what was special about that one?

The sound was unique and fresh, it had to be given to the people!

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of setting up their own imprint?

It is worth a go! Do not just keep our music in your computer, try selling it instead – you never know, you might just receive great feedback from fans.

What lies ahead for your label in 2023 and beyond?

A lot of music and big tunes coming…

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