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MN2S Label Services are thrilled to welcome qude Records to the roster. We spoke with label head Antonio Mastromauro about his plans for the label’s future.

How long has your label been in operation?

We’ve been officially active since May 2023 but we’ve been working on it behind the scenes for almost a year. We have been working a lot on music release, promotion and launch.

What inspired you to set up the label in the first place?

Denis and I need to express our creativity without following a real trend: “If you chase second, you will always be second”.

How would you describe your musical philosophy and creative vision?

Surely we bring all our background with us, from Funky to Jazz, from Disco Music to House, and we try to change all this in our times.

Tell us about your first release – what was special about that one?

Rockstar is our debut track. We tested the track across many events and clubs and the reaction was strong. The track has acid influences, with a very minimal groove.

Check out Rockstar by Qubiko and Denis Ago on Beatport.

Have you released with any other labels before setting up qudde?

There are several works released recently, starting from my single “Over U” on Solotoko or my remix of “Take Me Away” on HouseU, which have a totally different sound than what I’m producing now.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of setting up their own imprint?

Definitely I can advise not to think too much, just do it. The internet and social networks are a window to the world, so if you have something to say, you can!

What lies ahead for your label in 2023 and beyond?

Follow us and you will know… 😁

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