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MN2S Label Services client Sakti Records is a recently launched imprint focused on releasing dance music with heart. We spoke to label head and producer Farzala to find out more about Sakti’s first release and the label’s plans for the future.

How long has your label been in operation?

The label launched  in February 2024, so it’s very fresh. 

What inspired you to set up the label in the first place?

So many things! I want to build a home for other artists and  my own music.  A label focussed on solid music regardless of current trends. I also wanted my own creative outlet, a building block for art in various formats. 

How would you describe your musical philosophy and creative vision?

I would describe it as ever-evolving. I never want to make the same thing, but I do give my self space to do that, it will probably just never be heard by others. It’s part of the process. For me as long as the music has heart and some grit, it’ll find who it’s meant to speak to. Dance music has always been a place of unity and freedom for me growing up and that’s the vision I live by creatively. No limits and no boundaries. I’m highly creative and I have a lot of ideas that I’m excited to explore alongside my music and the label.    

Tell us about your first release – what was special about that one?

The Don’t Stop EP has two very different tracks on it. I guess any first release will always be special. Get Down says so much and the groove of the track felt right to mark the start of the Label. I’ve been working really hard on my music and it was an amazing feeling to have complete autonomy over my own imprint. 

What’s been the highlight of your journey so far as a label?

You know I’ve really loved the process of starting the label. The creative side has definitely been my favourite, like the logo and even thinking of a name like Sakti which has a great meaning that really resonates with me. But mostly for me it was about saying this is going to be a journey and surrendering to that! 

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of setting up their own imprint?

What are you waiting for? Don’t get bogged down with the “right way” to do it. You’ve just got to start, and things will reveal themselves. There were (and probably still) are things I don’t know, but that’s ok, that’s part of the journey and the fun, figuring stuff out. Like art, as long as it truly comes from you, that’s all that matters. I would say take some time out – from external stimuli and listen to your own voice, that’s where your authenticity is. And most importantly, consider where and who you get advice from – a lot of people will deter you, so it’s really important to know what advice you are seeking and from whom. I always say – you already know the answer. Don’t over think it – there’s enough room for all of us under the sun! You have a unique voice, back yourself – you can do it!

What lies ahead for your label in 2024 and beyond?

I’ve got some great releases lined up and going to be on the look out for new music from artists too. To be honest I just want to enjoy the process, hopefully give opportunities to other artists and have fun! I’m super excited  to collaborate and meet people, it’s a special feeling. 

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