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It has been a busy 2018 here at MN2S. Following the successful opening of our new Miami office this summer, we launched a brand new website and expanded our business to offer a broader range of services.

On top of our thriving Booking Agency and Label Services departments, we now provide a multi-faceted platform that encompasses Programming, PR, Social Media Management, and Brand Partnerships Services.

“We’re thrilled to be heading in to 2019 with such a fantastic offering for our clients. MN2S continues to grow and redefine what it is to be an agency in today’s world.”

– Edmund Singer-Kingsmith, Sales & Marketing Manager

Read about some of our services below.


Impressive PR attracts the opportunities and audiences you need. It should get you noticed and remembered by the right people for the right reasons. This is what our well-researched PR strategies and campaigns do for our clients. We secure national and regional coverage by targeting appropriate publications and radio stations with fresh and relevant features, quotes, press releases and comment pieces. We also liaise with TV bookers, researchers and producers to identify suitable opportunities for TV appearances, arranging the relevant meetings and overseeing the negotiation and engagement. In addition, we can seek out events, sponsorships and speaking opportunities that can put you in front of the right people and the right brands. Our dedicated and experienced team has handled successful campaigns for individual artists, celebrity talent, music events organisers and independent businesses.

“We have had an exciting first year servicing PR clients both on and off the MN2S live and talent rosters, and look forward to working with more brands on consumer-led campaigns. This year our department’s team has grown and we can’t wait to welcome extra talented PRs in the coming months.” – PR Manager, Tessa Harrison

Social Media Management

If you want to achieve more with your social media, we can give you the support you need. We plan, produce and co-ordinate social media activities for people and brands that want a clear and targeted return on the time and money they invest in social. By developing and executing effective strategies, we ensure that your investment in social media brings you closer to the sales, publicity, influence or opportunities you are aiming for. Growing your following and increasing awareness of your activities, we will work on building a loyal community of fans that are relevant to you. The copy, editorial and overall aesthetic of your channels will be finely tuned by our in-house team in order to project a desirable image to fans and the general public.

Through a consistent series of successful social media campaigns across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, MN2S have seen a vigorous climb in audience reach and engagement across all channels over the past year. This year we have also launched the MN2S Talent Instagram, allowing us to have a dedicated platform to spotlight the vast array of talents we represent. The launch of our Social Media Services division has been a triumph, allowing us to share our expertise with artists, venues and record labels, working with them to boost their public profile to the highs they are truly capable of. – Cal Swingler, Social Media Executive

Brand Partnerships

We connect brands and talent to new audiences through our successful brand partnerships division. By combining creative, strategic, commercial and legal skills with knowledge of popular culture, technology and entertainment marketing, we help brands grow and thrive. Our work directly impacts sales, loyalty and brand equity within the marketplace. With an extensive roster that spans both talent and music, we can help you find the right ambassador for your brand, assisting with the development of your campaign strategy. Whether it’s an A-list actress or an Instagram influencer, we’ve got you covered.

“The Talent Department has gone from strength to strength this year, having partnered some truly amazing celebrities with some incredible brands such as Tesco, Kellogg’s, Carphone Warehouse, Netflix, and Sky, to name just a few. With already exciting projects ready to launch in 2019, next year is looking like it is going to be our biggest yet! Watch this space.” – Senior Talent Agent Natasha Hill


We have a long history of working with venues, clubs and festivals to create spectacular line-ups for memorable events, choosing the artists most suitable for your location and audience. Thanks to more than 20 years of experience working within the music industry, our expertise will enable us to find the right acts for your event, regardless of your ambitions or your budget. Whether you’re programming an outdoor concert, a club night, a multi-stage festival or a corporate event, we can help you program the perfect line-up. Our roster extends from classic house DJs and hip-hop acts through to big-name celebrities and top sportspersons, and we’re happy to work alongside you in finding the right fit for any occasion. Our expertise in the business of live music and events means that we know what’s likely to work for your event, taking all factors into consideration to produce a strategy that’s profitable for both parties. We will also take care of all the administrative details, assisting with everything from sourcing production to budget management.

“Since the inception of the programming department at the start of the year, we have continued to grow from strength to strength and have established a lot of great clients and relationships. We have also been involved in curating and securing talent for a number of great festivals and events. I am looking forward to building up the department further in 2019 and securing more great line-ups.” James Fern, Head of Programming

Label Services

Though we now offer a broader range of services, the core pillars of our business remain strong. We’ve made some incredible bookings this year, ranging from a sixth consecutive New Year’s show for DJ Jazzy Jeff at Barasti Beach in Dubai to a sold-out UK tour for up-and-coming hip-hop act Dat Brass, demonstrating that our diverse strategy of promoting both established and underground talent continues to help our business flourish. Our Label Services department, now in operation for over a decade, continues to serve over 350 record labels, helping them grow within the global market by expertly handling distribution, design, licensing, sync and rights management.

‘MN2S Label Services continues to go from strength to strength – we’ve been very busy this year working with new labels, pushing hard for our existing clients, and providing a huge range of licensing services for product launches, live events, TV commercials, film, and more. With a massive upgrade in our client-facing tech being rolled out in early 2019, next year will be an exciting one!’ – Chris James, Head of Label Services


Get in touch to find out more about the diverse range of services available at MN2S.


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