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Founded in 2018 by producer, musician and DJ Chris Robinson, SupaEarth are a Manchester-based imprint focused on delivering the finest in disco, nu-disco, funk, boogie and disco house. With a keen ear for uptempo selections and a passion for music that moves you emotionally and physically, SupaEarth are making a name for themselves as one of the most exciting labels in dance music. We spoke with label head Chris Robinson (AKA Ruff Diamond) to find out more about their history, and what lies ahead in 2021.

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How long has your label been in operation?

I started the label in 2018, so we’ve been going a couple of years now.

What inspired you to set up the label in the first place? 

It had been something I’d wanted to do for a while. I’d spent many years producing, remixing and as a session musician for other artists, and have helped develop the careers of some very successful artists along the way. Having spent much of that time in R&B and more commercial genres, I felt that I needed a change and had a burning desire to get back to where my roots are, and concentrate on making Boogie, Funk and Disco records. Alongside my career as a DJ coming more to the fore, it seemed like the perfect time to launch a label, and SupaEarth was born.

How would you describe your musical philosophy and creative vision?

I’ve always had a passion to make people move and connect with their emotions. If a track isn’t moving me then how can I expect it to move anyone on a dancefloor?! The feel and depth of the music is integral to making a good record. I believe that a piece of music should be a journey from start to finish, and take the listener to another place, whether that be to heal and relax, feel good or hype them up. My emphasis has always been on quality over quantity, and as tempting as it is a label owner to sign and release as many tracks as fast as you can, it’s actually more important to be remembered for a smaller number of great releases that have longevity and DJs will play for the next ten years and beyond.

My vision with SupaEarth, and our new sister labels, is to break new ground, with an emphasis on making original records. I’ve got a lot of love for all the amazing edits and re-works over the last ten years or so, and to a great extent this has reignited the Disco genre and given the scene a whole new lease of life. But it’s important to break new ground, be innovative, and give all the young guns something to re-work when they become old Disco farts!

“I’ve always had a passion to make people move and connect with their emotions. If a track isn’t moving me then how can I expect it to move anyone on a dancefloor?!”

Tell us about your first release – what was special about that one?

The first release on the label was “Rock The Discothèque” by myself AKA Ruff Diamond. Obviously, it’s a buzz making the first release on your own new label, but what made it so special was sharing the process. I’d been collaborating and become good friends with Manchester House DJ/Producer Lempo, who owns the Applique Music label, and also Danny Worrall aka 80s Child, who owns Masterworks Music, both very cool and talented guys. Lempo aka Mike McGuinness is also an Art Director for a large advertising agency in his other work, and he massively helped me get the label going and designed all the logos, sleeves and branding. Danny also helped with a lot of valuable advice and great introductions to some of the best guys in the scene. So, when they both agreed to remix the single it made it really special – I have so much respect for those guys.

“My vision with SupaEarth, and our new sister labels, is to break new ground, with an emphasis on making original records.”

What’s been the highlight of your journey so far as a label?

The highlight for me so far is the VA compilation Boogie Boogie Beach released last summer, which was a fifteen-track Balearic themed day party Disco album. What made it special was the energy that all the producers gave to the project. I actually A&R’d, curated, mastered and finished the album within the space of a month from start to finish. I was blessed with track submissions that just fell into place, and it was a joy to work with everyone and then see the album do so well ,and receive so much support from so many great DJs. I feel that album inspired many friendships, and also helped inspire my next venture which you will be hearing more about very soon.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of setting up their own imprint?

The hardest thing to maintain in any aspect of the music industry is consistency, and I know this from first-hand experience struggling to keep up with the relentless amount of tasks you have to complete as a music professional. If you’re gonna work your records properly and make it happen, you need to be organised and committed. I was lucky to have a good understanding of the whole process of making and promoting music before I started the label, but I have had to play massive catch up on the evolution of the digital side of sales and streaming, and am constantly learning. It helps if you have multiple skills, such as video editing, art skills, content creation, social media skills etc, you cannot just rely on, or maybe even afford to pay a team to do it all for you to start with. It also gives you a greater understanding of how everything works in the whole process of releasing music.

As important as anything though, is building relationships and networking – you have to build a community. Find your people, and give them what they want. I’m so glad that I took the route of developing our own DJ list and building the trust of the DJs we service. I was lucky to have a good network to begin with, but you still have to convince everyone and prove that you are signing quality records, and one by one we are getting the love from many of the respected selectors in the game.

“You have to build a community. Find your people, and give them what they want.”

What lies ahead for your label in 2020 and beyond?

Well, first of all, I would just like to say how delighted I am to have signed a new distribution deal with MN2S for SupaEarth! I really feel that we have found a great new home, and every time I speak with Chris James, I can feel his sheer enthusiasm for the labels and the music he looks after, and I am  honoured to be included in the family. I have been signing some exciting new records recently, and in the new year we will be spreading our wings genre-wise. Scheduled for springtime, I’ll be launching two new sister labels which will focus more on the Afro/Latin House and Balearic side of things respectively. I’m very much immersed in discovering artists that are reaching new heights and sonic boundaries with their music, and I intend for our labels to be a part of that and make a difference. I have some singles and a “best of” compilation ready to unleash soon on SupaEarth, and will be gearing up to releasing some themed VA comps when it hits the summer season. I’m also going to be launching a brand-new concept party in Ibiza next year, so look out! 

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