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We are proud to announce that TRAX Records has joined the MN2S Label Services group.

It’s no understatement to say that house music wouldn’t be what it is today without TRAX. Founded in 1980s Chicago, the label is responsible for launching the careers of some of the genre’s most successful and influential DJs and producers, including Marshall Jefferson, Robert Owens, Jesse Saunders, Frankie Knuckles, Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk, Joe Smooth, Sterling Void and many more.

TRAX is headed up by one of the label’s original founders, Screamin’ Rachael Cain who is also a notable vocalist, producer and DJ herself. She has been working closely with Jorge Cruz, whose creative vision combined with hers creates a perfect reignited balance. Today TRAX remains a powerful force in the house music world, bringing decades of pedigree to any modern release. MN2S is delighted to be working with TRAX on digital music distribution and other label services, to help keep the label in its rightful position at the forefront of the house music scene.

How TRAX Records changed the history of music

It really is difficult to overstate the impact TRAX has had on the global music scene. Earlier this year, Data Transmission published an article discussing the five times TRAX Records changed the course of house music. The list covered such milestones as the release of Marshall Jefferson’s seminal single ‘Move Your Body’ which spawned countless imitators and remains a staunch floor filler to this very day.

Read our career retrospective Marshall Jefferson in 6 Tracks here.

The Data Transmission article also discusses TRAX Records’ role in the creation of the acid house subgenre, which went on to become a clubbing phenomenon, particularly in the UK. TRAX release ‘Acid Tracks’ by Phuture is widely cited as the track which gave the subgenre its sound, shape and name.

TRAX continues to innovate within the electronic music sphere, with Screamin’ Rachael and co. seeking out and releasing the finest new music from up and coming producers and DJs from Chicago and further afield.

TRAX Records’ recent releases

TRAX may have an enviable historical significance and unrivalled back catalogue, but its story
is far from over. The label continues to release groundbreaking music in the tradition of its innovative origins.

TRAX’s current mainstays include Jorge Cruz and Carmelo Carone, who recently collaborated on ‘Jack the Acid Kid Goes At Warehouse’.

Also a regular is NYC DJ Tyler Stone, whose risque single ‘I Like Fucking You’ was released earlier this year.

And recently, none other than Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk returned to the label to release a tribute single for the victims of the Paris terror attacks. ‘France We Send Our House To You’ was a collaboration with Screamin’ Rachael, Byron Stingley and The Chicago House Music Voices For Peace.

Read our article on TRAX Records’ best recent releases here.

TRAX Records’ upcoming releases

MN2S and TRAX will hit the ground running with two major releases. First, Now That’s What I Call TRAX, a compilation album filled with fan favourites. Second, ‘I Am HOUSE’, an upcoming Screamin’ Rachael Release with Joe Smooth.

TRAX Records is going on tour

It’s not just the studio releases fans need to get excited about. A slate of TRAX artists are getting together for a major tour celebrating the label’s heritage and future. Final booking lineups are to be confirmed, but all of the artists mentioned above are keen to take part, as is label founder Screamin’ Rachael, of course.

Stay tuned for TRAX tour announcements.

Screamin’ Rachael is still the Queen of House

Overseeing the entire label is Screamin’ Rachael Cain, the original Queen of House. She co-founded TRAX in the 1980s and handled the release of many iconic recordings. Today, she has lost none of the drive and passion that she had in the beginning.

We caught up with Cain last year to discuss her career as a label boss, and the sexism she
overcame in the industry.

Read our interviews with Screamin’ Rachael Cain here:

Screamin’ Rachael talks women in house
Interview: Screamin’ Rachael of TRAX Records

With Rachael Cain and her team’s determination and deep love of house music, TRAX Records has a bright future ahead of it. MN2S is proud to be along for the ride.

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