Master word of mouth

How to use word of mouth marketing to grow your business

Although advertising can be a crucial tool in your arsenal when you’re promoting a ticketed event, it’s certainly not the only one. Research shows that the average consumer is exposed to around 4,000 adverts each and every day! No wonder that people are getting better and better at tuning out commercials, whether they’re on TV, billboards, social media or the radio.

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Luckily, one tool that won’t be tuned out by your consumer is word of mouth – and it’s well worth focusing on. It doesn’t always have to be face-to-face either, many consumers now trust the judgement of strangers on social media networks almost as much as they do their close friends and family. Word of mouth expert Liam Negus-Fancey says, “When you recommend something to a friend, it’s typically going to add value to their life.”

That’s all well and good, but you may think that word of mouth is a passive marketing tool – not one that you can control. Wrong. It’s not something which you can control entirely, but if you’re organising a paid for and ticketed event, there are ways to increase the likelihood of benefiting from word of mouth.

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Find your passionate advocates

There will be people already planning to attend your event who are excited about it and eager to tell their friends and colleagues. Find them by mailing previous attendees and sharing information about an ambassador scheme on social media. You can incentivise these people with a rewards programme – offer discounts on future events or a refund of their ticket price when they refer a certain number of tickets.

It’s a technique which can work just as well with a professional conference as it can with a music gig; as long as you’ve got some passionate supporters!

Give them the tools

Your newfound brand ambassadors might be tempted to just send a blanket email or message to their friends and followers through which to book your event. It’s a tactic that could have some success if their following is large enough – but there’s a better way.

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Share resources with your digital street team which will allow and empower them to contact people individually. The personal treatment offers the chance to really sell your event and your ambassadors can share their personal experience of the event in a way that aligns with their potential attendee’s interests. You can also offer tailored offers – perhaps there’s one promo code for a VIP conference package, one for a standard ticket and one which allows access to one specific talk at the conference. That way, ambassadors can share the most relevant link with the person they are targeting.

Great entertainment ideas

When you’re thinking about word of mouth marketing, consider some memorable entertainment ideas. A great act or speaker will give your ambassadors some great aterial to talk about – helping you to sell tickets. Get in touch with MN2S today to find out more about our entertainment options.

Word-of-mouth marketing online

Even in a digital world, marketing via word of mouth can be an effective way to secure customers for your event. Make sure to find truly passionate advocates for your event, provide the right incentive and make sure your event gives them something to talk about and you can’t go wrong.

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