UK soul queen Mica Paris has appeared on BBC’s The One Show in a short film about Black History Month.

October 1st marked the start of Black History Month, a month-long celebration and recognition of black history and culture across the globe. To mark the beginning of the month, BBC’s The One Show aired a short film featuring a number of prominent people of colour from British culture and politics offering their perspectives on what Black History Month means to them. MN2S arranged for soul icon Mica Paris to contribute to the The One Show’s segment, as she discusses how music played an essential role in spreading a powerful message of unity in the American civil rights movement.

Click here to see Mica Paris speak at 7:55.

“The most poignant moment for me is Martin Luther King, and all of the people singing “We Shall Overcome” […] music was such a massive part in getting the message across.”

Mica Paris

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