The Bake Off star has shared her quick-and-easy baklava with GQ Online, a “minimum effort, max-gains sort of bake”.

Ruby Bhogal has served up another gorgeous recipe in an onging series for GQ Online. This edition sees the star baker and influencer put together an indulgent baklava with all sorts of goodness inside: chocolate, nuts, fruit and honey. Another vegan alternative that doesn’t call for flour or eggs, this one’s a surprisingly easy bake that will satisfy all but the pickiest eaters. Get stuck in.

Check out Ruby’s baklava recipe on GQ’s website.

Speaking about her latest recipe, Ruby said: “it looks fancier and trickier than it actually is and without doubt is a minimum-effort, max-gains sort of bake. This one is hard to gobble in one go, so it should keep you and your sweet tooth happy for a fair few days until I come at you with the next recipe….”

“Layers of crispy, buttery pastry filled with chocolatey, nutty, fruity goodness all drowning in a rich, sweet honey and zesty orange syrup, this recipe is a great one to raid your cupboards over and shove anything you have spare into it.”

Ruby Bhogal

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