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The GBBO finalist and culinary expert has shared a tasty but simple bake with GQ Online – the perfect recipe to pass the time while spent indoors.

Ruby Bhogal has published the latest in a series of recipes for GQ Online. This month’s edition sees the GBBO fan favourite bake a quick and easy chocolate banana bread with a fruity twist. Made with bananas, peans, apricots and chocolate, this one’s an indulgent offering that’d be perfect for afternoon tea – or just about any other time of the day.

Speaking about the recipe and promising more to come, Ruby said: “What a strange little moment we find ourselves in. It most definitely feels like that time between Christmas and New Year when no one knows what day it is and you’ve gone five days straight in your PJ’s, except it’s all a little less festive and with zero sign of the Bublé… But fear not! I’ll be here providing you with some easy enough bakes, using up the masses of time you have now accumulated and whatever you have lurking in the back of your cupboards.”

Check out Ruby’s chocolate banana bread on GQ’s website.

“Sure, we can go fancy, but let’s take it really simply so even those of you who are capable of burning toast can get involved and do more than just lick the bowl clean for once…”

Ruby Bhogal

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