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One of Ireland’s most established actresses, Angeline Ball has appeared in countless productions across both stage and screen, taking leading roles in Keeping Faith, Doc Martin, EastEnders, Shameless and The Commitments. Now taking time out of acting to focus on her music career, Angeline Ball is collating material from 25 years spent writing her own songs, bringing her creations together with the aim of releasing music later this year. Stay tuned.

What have you been upto recently? 

I’ve being really focusing on my music. Writing and singing have always been second nature to me and I have been writing my own songs for the past 25 years or so. I’ve come to a stage where I no longer want to keep them to myself. The songs I’ve created out of life’s experiences are like birds that need to fly now. I’ve had to be disciplined with myself to put my music first before acting and focus solely on that.

Growing up, who were your musical influences?

I was lucky to have many different genres and artists to listen to. My father loved music and played the Hammond Organ, we had one in our living room. His brother was an accomplished Hawaiian guitar player and toured extensively in various bands, so they would often have a bit of a jam together. My dad loved his vinyl. His collection ranged from artists like Elvis, The Beatles, Django Reinhardt to classical music.

He also loved musicians like ‘Hi Rhythm Section’, who were instrumental in forming the ‘Memphis Shoal’ sound. During my teenage years one of my sisters loved heavy metal (I still like to listen to a good guitar shred…) and the other would listen to a lot of ska and reggae. We shared one record player so I listened to all of their stuff too.

I felt compelled to find my own niche. I bought my first album aged 10, it was Blondie’s Parallel Lines. I expanded from there to quite an eclectic mix from Kate Bush, Japan, The Velvet Underground, Simple Minds, Depeche Mode, Soft Cell… I could go on.

How did you get into acting?

I was a singer before I was an actor. When I was gigging around Dublin, a friend suggested I try out for the private rounds of auditions for The Commitments, and the rest is history.

“I was always quite fluid with my words! Why use one word when you can use 10.”

Where do your ideasfor songs come from?

Life’s trials and tribulations. Pain, joy, loss, sorrow, sensuality, falling in and out of love, betrayal, friendships. All the varied emotions we experience as human beings inspire my work.

Your lyrics arehighly poetic, has this linguistic skill always come naturally to you?

Yes, I was always quite fluid with my words! Why use one word when you can use 10? I write cinematically in my head, I like to visualise the action in the song I’m writing played out like some dramatic old movie. I use ambiguous metaphors so that the listener can interpret a particular song in their own personal way. My lyrics have various levels of meaning, I love to play with words.

“My lyrics have various levels of meaning, I love to play with words. ”

Describe your musicin three words.

Evocative, deep and emotional.

What would you saythe music scene is like where you’re based?

To put it simply: fantastic. I live in London, so as you can imagine, any night of the week there is always a gig happening – either on a grand scale or in a dingy open-mic night. The city caters for all genres and is never boring!

What are your plansfor 2019?

Getting this music out there and getting on the road.

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Photography: Kim Hardy

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