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Analytics tools help to nurture the growth of your social media presence by presenting information that will guide you in your digital journey. These tools help you see your profile’s performance and curate your strategy to be most effective for your brand.

Social media analytics tools help you create social media reports that you can share with your team, so they can understand what is and isn’t working. Not only that, but these tools let you see how a profile compares to a competitor and visualizes everything in an easily digestible manner. The benefits of social media tools are limitless: these tools have a wide variety of features and price points, so there is something for the newbie influencer to the veteran social media manager. Whatever your goals for 2020 are, there is a social analytics tool out there to help you achieve it.

Here are five of the best social media analytic tools to get you on the right path to digital success in 2022.

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Thistool gives you personalizes recommendations by looking at a profile’s analyticsand giving action-oriented tips related to your posts, audience and profiles.It also allows you to compare a profile against a competitor side-by-side onits dashboard specifically designed to compare growth rates, keywords andaudiences. You can also customize standard reports for whatever you and yourteam need. It has four different monthly plans to choose from and the mostbasic level starts at $50 a month.

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Are you using custom short URLs across your social media channels? If the answer is no, you should check out Rebrandly – the most advanced link management tool to do just this. Branded links increase brand awareness and trust online, and this tool allows you to track every link that is shared by providing in-depth analytics of your clicks. This way, you can get valuable insights on your target audience, such as the countries the clicks are originating from, as well as the most popular times and days. You can also use this data to identify your best-performing social channels and pieces of content. Rebrandly has a free plan that enables you to brand up to 500 links and track 5000 clicks per month.


This analytical tool has a variety of features that will bring your digital strategy to the next level. With aspects like trend analysis, hashtag and key word tracking and AI predictions, Keyhole can give you extensive knowledge on your profile. All the data on the tool is displayed in a methodical and easy to use way. Suggestions are made based on posting history and live social media monitoring.

Keyhole can show you analytics on posts with keywords and hashtags, who is talking about the keywords and any associated hashtags. The AI feature on Keystone predicts how a keyword or hashtag will perform in the future. If all those features weren’t enough, it also provides access to API which allows you to embed YouTube and Twitter on your website. At $199 per month, Keyhole is great for brands seriously trying to carve their way into the online sphere.

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This social listening tool has a wide range of features that analyzes online data using other’s profiles. You can search back years in time to view trending keywords, even if your search stretches past the point in time when social media existed! Type in any keyword, and Awario analyzes mention growth, locations of the mentions and the source.  It allows you to search very specific niches with its Boolean search mode. All of these features can be used on an extensive number of platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube and even forums and news sites. Awario is a great fit for someone who wants the best search options. Prices start at $29 a month, so it is also a good tool for those just starting social media analytics.

Social Status

Social Status is the perfecttool if a YouTube channel is part of your digital journey. The tool analyzeschannel statistics and lets you compare your data to competitors. Whether it’sa Facebook page, Twitter account or Instagram Business profile, you can get aclear view of what you’re running up against. A key feature of Social Status isits influencer analytics, which allows you to see influencer marketingcapabilities. With this feature you can see influencers’ performance onspecific posts or overall, which can lead to some major insight for your brand.With prices starting at $29, it is the ideal tool for someone just startingout.

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If you are someone who finds graphs visually stimulating, Agorapulse may be the right tool for you. It is not as analytic heavy as the rest, but this tool provides and easy to navigate “snapshot” of a profile. It even lets you schedule social posts and keep a close eye on hashtags. Agorapulse also allows you to see Instagram Stories data from any period of time, which a game changer since it usually is only available for two weeks. The tool tells you when the best time is to post and what kind of content is most likely to bring the most attraction. Agorapulse is $99 a month and is ideal for brands that want a tool that acts more as a social media hub.

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