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Producer and DJ MKSHFT is a genre-bending music-maker who brings together the sounds of EDM and Indian music with a range of influences to create hard-hitting tracks that demonstrate unmistakable musical talent and personality. An enigmatic figure who only performs behind a mask, MKSHFT joins the mysterious of Marshmello and Deadmau5, DJs who obscure their true identity but inject a heady dose of personality into their maximalist sounds. He’s stated that his aim is to reach as wide an audience as possible by maintaining an anonymous profile, letting the music speak loudly for itself.


Growing up in London to Indian parents, MKSHFT developed a taste for sounds from his family’s home, incorporating traditional music with electronic textures and influences from comic books and video games to produce a vibrant fusion of styles that has turned the heads of influential DJs across the board while earning airplay on BBC Radio. 2016 saw him release remixes of classic Bollywood tracks, before developing his style further with the 2017 single ‘Juda’, an explosive EDM track that’s seen huge support online and coverage in Dancing Astronaut, Grapevine and Bangin Beats.


The producer has since collaborated with Indian singer Shilpa Rao on ‘Maahi’ before contributing to the globally successful track ‘Slowly Slowly’, a collaboration between American rapper Pitbull and Indian singer-songwriter Guru Randhawa. Thanks to electrifying production work from MKSHFT, the track became one of the world’s all-time most-viewed music videos in 24 hours, picking up 38 million views within a day of release. Now hitting over 150 million views, the track introduced MKSHFT’s production to a global audience and set the stage for him to dominate the electronic music scene over the coming years.

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