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With Love Island 2024 set to begin this week. We thought it would be the right time to provide you with a refresh on the world of Reality TV & Dating Shows.

In the era of social media, reality shows such as “Big Brother,” “Love Island,” “Married at First Sight”, “Celebs Go Dating,” and “The Traitors” have gone beyond mere entertainment. These programs are now legitimate avenues for aspiring individuals to become social media stars; these shows take ordinary people, candidates or contestants and turn them into celebrities overnight, creating a new breed of influencers.

When social media gained prominence, it changed how reality TV functioned. 

Reality TV has been part of popular culture since the late 1990s with shows like ‘Survivor’ and ‘Big Brother’ kicking it off. Hooked audiences witness behind-the-scenes snippets and an inside perspective on people’s lives put into extraordinary circumstances, such as, generating drama, romance, and competition with major reliance on individuals to tell most of the story.

Contestants once in search of temporary fame now aim for life-long influencer careers. These new celebrities monetize their television fame, with brand partnerships, while creating their brand via platforms like Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube.

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How and why these shows create influencers:

  1. Immediate Exposure: In days and sometimes hours, contestants are put into the limelight, gaining millions of viewers from the show, who follow them closely, both throughout the narrative of the show and via social media. This is an enormous advantage in today’s crowded social media environment.
  2. Manipulating The Story: Contestants can be anything they want to be on this show, while producers decide what kind of storyline to develop. This power over their image remains with them after the show ends – it comes through as they post various versions of their experiences on social platforms, thereby creating their brand based on their persona, principles, interests, likes, or dislikes, which brands can leverage. 
  3. Engaged Fan Base: The audience becomes emotionally attached to contestants; their stories and personal dimmeals within the show, treating them like they would treat someone very close to them. When such participants finally leave the screens there is always a group waiting for them off-air who can relate to them and want to know more about them, be like them, and even look like them, making them influencer material. 
  4. Collaboration with Brands: This leads to sponsorships by companies, who align with who they are. These brand partnerships also boost their influencer status.

Where Influencers are born

“the dating show is always brimming with our fave reality TV stars, former pop icons, telly legends and random TikTok starlets.”

Source Heatworld.

1. “Love Island”: This dating show has produced numerous influencers who have amassed millions of followers. Contestants like Molly-Mae Hague and Jamie Jewitt have leveraged their popularity to launch successful careers. 2024 season of Love Island is set to launch 3rd of June.

Check out our Love Island talent below:

2. “Big Brother”: Known for its diverse cast and social dynamics, “Big Brother” has been a springboard for many influencers. Former contestants like Dr. Will Kirby and Rachel Reilly have maintained their fame through the strategic use of social media and other media ventures. . The 2024 season of Big Brother will launch on July 17th. 

3. “Married at First Sight”: This show, which pairs strangers for marriage, has also birthed influencers who share their unconventional love stories. Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner, for instance, have built a substantial online following, turning their televised romance into a brand.

4. “Celebs Go Dating”: This show, which pairs celebrities with members of the public in a bid to find love, has also contributed to the influencer phenomenon. By featuring already well-known personalities, it boosts their public profiles even further, while giving viewers insight into their personal lives. Celebrities like Olivia Attwood and Georgia Steel have used the show to expand their fan base and secure lucrative brand partnerships. New season of Celebs Go Dating to launch in summer 2024 with MN2S own Dr Tara.

5. “The Traitors”: This psychological reality competition blends elements of strategy, deception, and social dynamics, challenging contestants to outwit each other while maintaining trust. The show’s unique format and intense gameplay have produced influencers who captivate audiences with their strategic prowess and charismatic personalities. Contestants like Wilfred Webster and Amanda Lovett have leveraged their visibility on the show to build substantial followings, showcasing their skills in strategy and social manipulation on platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

“Though a third season of The Traitors UK will be released with civilians this year”

Source: Dexetro.

What makes them the perfect pairing for Brand Partnerships?

Reality TV influencers are powerful in terms of brand partnerships and audience influence. Their ability to connect with viewers on a personal level results in highly effective marketing strategies for brands.

  • Genuine Recommendations: Influencers’ authentic endorsements, which resonate with their target market, is what brands search most. Reality TV stars who have developed trust and rapport with their fans through their appearances on screen and via social media are good fits for these relationships. An example of this is Molly-Mae Hague, from Love Island; she has worked with multiple fashion and beauty companies, giving her credibility as well as enabling her to be a brand ambassador.
  • Impressive Engagement Rates: Reality TV influencers typically post content that elicits high engagement rates from followers on their social media pages. This statistic is indeed important for companies, as it indicates that the influencer’s fans are not only many but also actively interested in what they do online. Thus, high engagement rates usually lead to successful marketing campaigns, thereby increasing both brand visibility and sales. The in same way influencers can position themselves as brand ambassadors, sharing brand values that align with their own. 
  • Niche Marketing: When selecting reality TV influencers to partner with, brands can effectively target specific demographics whose followers have similar demographics as those desired by the brand itself.
  • Becoming versatile at creating content: Reality TV influencers are able to create different kinds of content, such as, Instagram posts and stories, YouTube videos, and TikToks. This enables brands to try out different forms of marketing promotions using various platforms to interact with their audiences. By way of showcasing the products in everyday use, tutorials, unboxings, etc, customers can get a complete picture of the brand.

Thus, these modern influencer factories that have come up breed celebrities who become digital personalities, attracting people far beyond television screens.

With time, it is expected that these shows will change too as they continue to influence online star makers, indicating how fame and media in this era is changing. In a world where likes on social media equate to standing among one’s peers, reality TV is still a forceful agent of transformation that turns regular contestants into influential figures commanding substantial cultural and commercial sway.

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