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4 Facts You Need to Know About One of Our Most Talked About Sportsman.

Cricket may not boast quite the same level of glamour as certain other sports – like football or athletics – and women’s cricket can be an even less glamorous side of sport. Women’s cricket, after all, has never had the spotlight cast on it in the same way that football did in Bend it like Beckham.

Changes are, however, in the air, and England’s triumph in the World Cup earlier this year brought the sport to a whole new audience. Experts expect the England Women’s team to benefit not only from the prize money, but also from sponsorship contracts, media appearances and more interest in funding the sport generally.

Danielle Wyatt is one of the biggest names in women’s cricket, and was a member of the 2017 World Cup winning team – she’s also on the books here at MN2S talent agency. Keep reading to find out four things you might not know about Danielle Wyatt:

She helped England to a win on her debut appearance

Danielle made her first team debut at the tender age of just 18, making her one of the youngest members of the team when she joined. Her debut match was played against India in Mumbai – formidable opponents by anyone’s standards.

Despite the high standard of the opposition, Wyatt scored the winning runs of a victory over India, scoring 28 not out from 26 balls.

She’s good friends with Sachin Tendulkar’s son

Cricket fans will recognise Sachin Tendlukar as one of India’s most famous cricketer, widely recognised as the greatest batsman of all time. Danielle struck up a friendship with his son, Arjun, when the pair came to see Danielle and the team in action. Arjun, also a keen cricketer and a member of the Mumbai under 19 squad, has crossed paths with Danielle on several occasions since, and the pair are said to be friends.

She once jokingly proposed to Virat Kohli

After Indian cricketer Virat Kohli led India to victory in the final of the World T20 final in 2014, Danielle tweeted, “Kohli, marry me!!!”

Her enthusiastic tweet went viral, particularly in Kohli’s home country of India, and saw her gain thousands of Indian followers on Twitter. The two finally met in person later that year, and shared a selfie of themselves on social media for their many fans.

Bucketloads of talent

Danielle is one of the most talented players of a generation – and that fact has not passed by her various teams. She first represented Staffordshire in 2005, aged only 14, and later went on to win a prestigious MCC Young Cricketers Contract. This allowed her to make cricket a full-time occupation, and allowed her to train daily.

Book Danielle Wyatt

A bright and interesting young woman whose career is just getting started, Danielle is an entertaining after dinner speaker sure to charm any audience. If you’d like to book her for your event, get in touch with MN2S today.

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