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Why you should book Richard Bacon for your next event

One of the best loved TV presenters in the UK and one of our most popular celebrities here at talent agency MN2S, Richard Bacon has been on our screens for many years. Starting out in children’s broadcasting, he’s now the face of some of the BBC’s most popular shows. So where did Richard Bacon come from, what’s next for this presenting legend and why should you book him for your next event?

Early Years

Born and raised in and around Nottingham, including at a series of prestigious private schools, Richard Bacon was keen to get on TV from an early age. His father was a prominent solicitor and was often interviewed on the news, which Bacon found very exciting and his interest in the medium was piqued when he saw Blue Peter being filmed. He said: “I was about 10, and Caron [Keating] was gorgeous. I always had dreams it would be me one day.”

Journalism experience

While he was still at school, Bacon was hired as a researcher for Radio Nottingham and eventually progressed on to become a full-time news reporter for the local station. His break on screen came thanks to a job with a now defunct channel called Live TV, where amongst other things he was asked to go to the state opening of parliament wearing a Prince Charles mask and blond wig.

bacon richard

Blue Peter

When a vacancy arose at Blue Peter, Bacon was first in line with a CV and a show reel, desperate to show off his talents. The gamble paid off, and Bacon became a Blue Peter presenter, albeit a short-lived one. A tangle with the law in 1998 saw him removed from the show in shame, an incident he now regrets: “I was right to be sacked. He says. The BBC had to take a stance and send out the right message.”

Recent Presenting Work

Although his career hit a rocky patch following his spell at Blue Peter, Richard Bacon is a man lucky enough to never have been out of work. He’s worked for the BBC and ITV, as well as famously acting as a roving reporter for Channel 4’s popular Big Breakfast programme. On the radio, his Radio 2 current affairs call in was well respected and he’s since chaired a number of political debates.

One of Bacon’s most high profile recent jobs was on the BBC’s The Big Painting Challenge, a show which draws heavily on the format of the Great British Bake Off. Instead of cakes, it’s art that’s being judged, and the show has been praised for bringing a tricky topic like fine art to the masses, turning us all into armchair critics.

Book a celebrity like Richard Bacon

If you’re interested in hiring a household name to act as a presenter at an event you’re organising, then you could do far worse than Richard Bacon. An affable and warm character, he’ll get the whole audience on side and make sure they have a great evening.

Looking for something a little different? Don’t worry, we’ve got all sorts of presenters from the world of TV and radio, sports, news and entertainment on our books, so there’s sure to be someone who fits the bill. Get in touch or take a look at our talent roster to find out more.

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