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Why book Nigel Owens?

If it’s a celebrity after dinner speaker with really broad appeal that you’re after, Nigel Owens could be the perfect guest for your next company dinner, charity ball or corporate event, appealing to men and women alike, of all ages and interests.

You’ll find that well-chosen celebrity speakers can prove a great draw for your invitees, whether they’re lifelong fans of the celebrity speakers you’ve chosen, or just interested in their personal journey and what they have to say.

Nigel Owens ticks boxes for lots of people. Rugby union aficionados will recognise him as one of the sport’s foremost referees, but even those with no prior knowledge of his career are sure to be intrigued by the story of this sporting legend and his journey as an openly gay sports person in the macho sport of rugby union.

sporting personality and referee
Making tough, match-deciding decisions is what Nigel has built his career on as a Welsh international rugby union referee. As well as working as an international and Heineken Cup referee, Nigel was the only referee representing Wales at the 2007 and 2011 Rugby World Cups in France and New Zealand respectively.

The day job is not all that this man is famous and well respected for though; he’s also regarded as the sole openly gay man working as a referee in the top echelons of his sport, and is vocal about the issues that he has faced in that position.

Raised in the remote Welsh village of Mynyddcerrig in Carmarthenshire, Owens is fluent in his country’s native tongue. In fact, his autobiography was originally published in this language alone, before being translated to English in 2009.

Nigel Owens referee

Nigel’s first appointment as an international rugby referee came in 2005 and the first international game which he officiated was a game between Ireland and Japan, played in the Japanese city of Osaka. Since then he has refereed scores of matches, including those played as part of the World Cup in Lyon, France in 2007 and later at the New Zealand World Cup in 2011.

Only one other person has been accorded the honour of refereeing two consecutive finals of the prestigious Heineken Cup. In total, Nigel has refereed three finals which, in addition to the two Amlin finals he adjudicated, makes him European competitions’ most capped referee.

In addition to his professional work, Nigel is also a keen supporter of several charities. He was a patron of the LGBT Centre of Excellence Wales until it became defunct but still supports several charities doing work into preventing bullying and encouraging participation in rugby. In 2007, the gay activism group Stonewall named Nigel their ‘Gay Sports Personality of the Year’.

Welsh people will also recognise Nigel as a presenter on several TV shows shown in the country, proving his mettle as an excellent speaker and a born entertainer, making him the ideal after dinner speaker.

Having faced significant adversity as a prominent gay man and even more so as one working in the field of sport, you’re sure to find what Nigel has to say fascinating, whether you and your invitees are fans of the game or not. Nigel is a strong character with a lot to say but is also friendly and amiable, and he can speak confidently both about his sporting career and the challenges that he has faced, tailoring the content of his speeches to the audience which he is entertaining.

You’ll find that an after dinner speaker can prove a real draw for invitees who might be somewhat on the fence about attending your event, because it adds value to your evening and reassures guests that they won’t have to make small talk for the whole evening!

If your guests might be interested in after dinner speakers of a different kind, then take a look around our website at some of the other celebrity speakers we can help you to book. From sports personalities to politicians and presenters to performers, there’s an after dinner speaker to suit every clientèle and help your corporate event, dinner, charity ball or anything else you’re organising really go off with a bang.

Whether it’s a St David’s Day get-together or a Christmas dinner, Nigel will make an ideal addition to your event’s entertainment. Get in touch with us today to find out more about booking him or any of the other celebrity speakers on our books.

For all Nigel Owens enquiries regarding celebrity bookings, please contact celebrity booking agency MN2S.

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