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Bring the TV personality, Model, Singer, and Animal Rights Activist to Your Event

TV personality Courtney Stodden first found fame as a beauty pageant contestant. In 2010 the starlet shot to national attention when she fell in love with and married the actor Doug Hutchison. Since then she’s appeared on numerous reality TV shows and become a star in her own right – but she’s got a very particular niche interest.

As well as being a model, singer and TV star, Courtney is also an ardent defender of animal rights. She’s followed a vegetarian diet for several years and dabbled in veganism, leading to her being appointed as a spokesperson for animal rights organisation PETA.

In that capacity she’s taken part in several demonstrations with the group, including serving vegan hot dogs wearing nothing but a few strategically placed lettuce leaves on Capitol Hill. The move was held to celebrate National Hot Dog Day, and was intended to show the staffers queuing up to try the dish that vegetarian and vegan food can be just as tasty as meaty alternatives.

On another occasion the star staged a protest outside of US pet shop chain Pet Smart, highlighting alleged mistreatment of animals at the stores. She dressed up as a mouse played dead whilst covered with blood outside of the store, following her involvement in a 15 week investigation, during which PETA alleged that, “A PetSmart supplier was gassing animals in plastic bags and setting them aside to die.”

Courtney Stodden PETA

Courtney’s record on animal rights and speaking up on related issues make her the perfect niche speaker for any event which focuses on animal rights or is attended by those who might be interested in the topic. As what might be deemed a somewhat unlikely champion for such causes, she has the ability to break down barriers and reach new audiences with this message.

Her appearance on British reality TV in the form of an appearance on Celebrity Big Brother also means that she’s a well recognised figure even outside the ranks of vegans, vegetarians and animal rights activists. She’s therefore a great choice of speaker or celebrity guest, with an ability to identify with audiences from a wide range of backgrounds and interests.

If you’re interested in booking animal rights activist and reality star Courtney Stodden, get in touch with celebrity agent MN2S today.

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