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Wanting to inspire your guests with a high achieving celebrity guest?

While the 21st Century is a much better time to be a woman than any other century that has gone before, some outdated views about the role of girls and women do still persist. One of the best ways to prove to young women that they can do anything they want is by offering them a role model – and we’ve got plenty of those.

Whether you’re a women’s sports team looking for celebrity speakers for an annual dinner or an all-girls school looking for someone to speak at a special event, we’ve got women on our books who have broken records, pushed boundaries and made history.

There’s nothing quite so empowering as seeing the feats that you could achieve, so if you’re looking for someone to inspire and motivate young women, then picking a successful celebrity speaker is key.

Take a look at some of the most accomplished and interesting women on our talent roster below:

Lizzie Armitstead

Well known for her Olympic accomplishments, Lizzie Armitstead was one of the stand-out stars of the London 2012 Games. Picking up medals wherever she goes, Lizzie competes both on the track in a velodrome and in road races and picked up her silver medal in the last Olympics.

Tipped to do even better in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Lizzie was first inspired to take cycling seriously when the Olympic Talent Team visited her school in 2004. It’s a testament to the transformative power that one positive interaction can have on a young person’s life.

The youngster from West Yorkshire came from a humble background, attending a state school, but has gone on to be one of the most famous names in British cycling, thanks to the confidence which the Olympic Talent Team instilled in her.

It makes her perfectly placed to inspire others, and if you’re looking for someone with serious credibility, then you can’t go far wrong with an Olympic medal!

Georgie Barrat

GeorgieBarrat mn2s

As relatable as they come, Georgie Barrat’s warm and bubbly personality makes her an easy sell, especially to younger audiences. She’s a tech journalist and presenter who has made waves in her field, writing for Marie Claire, Huffington Post and her own specialist website and gaining credence as an authority on the subject while she’s at it.

Blazing her own trail, Barrat is the epitome of entrepreneurial spirit and has worked in showbiz and does some presenting on the side, appearing often on London Live and The Wright Stuff.

Youngsters can’t help but be inspired by her enthusiasm, and the niche which she occupies – traditionally thought of as a male preserve – will inspire young women to realise that they, too, are capable of taking on any challenge which is thrown their way.

Gizzie Erskine

Gizzi Erskie mn2s

Very different again from the other two celebrity speakers profiled here, Gizzi Erskine is a chef and TV personality who regularly appears on screen in her own programmes and writes on food for publications including The Times, Elle magazine and GC.

Though she is now wildly successful in her chosen career, with several books under her belt, a catering company and regular appearances in the media, she did not initially train as a chef.

Working first as a professional body piercer, it wasn’t until much later that Gizzi found her true calling. This too, is an important message for young women – that you don’t need to make your mind up and stick to one career path – there’s no such thing as too late to change careers, and doing what makes you happy is the most important thing!

Celebrity agents

If you’re looking to hire a celebrity to inspire your group of young people then you’re certainly in the right place. Here at MN2S you’ll find that we have inspiring women coming out of our ears; there’s sure to be someone who’s a great fit for the event that you’re putting on.
Get in touch with one of our friendly celebrity agents too for advice and guidance on the best celebrity speaker for your event and how to book them.

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