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For businesses selling or promoting food, there’s often no better celebrity partnership than one with a chef. That’s exactly the role that Dale Pinnock, represented by celebrity talent agency MN2S, has taken on for Alaska Seafoods.

It’s an organisation that’s dedicated to promoting the consumption of wild Alaska seafood, through sharing information about its benefits and recipes in which it’s the star ingredient. One of the area’s biggest exports is wild salmon, a food with proven health benefits from E, C, D and A vitamins, as well as iron, zinc, calcium and selenium.

Promoting such a healthy and tasty food makes a partnership with a well-known celebrity chef an obvious option – and who better than Dale Pinnock? Best known for his healthy cooking backed up by sound science and nutrition, he was the perfect choice.

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A well-known face on British TV, Dale Pinnock is a go-to expert on all nutritional matters. Describing himself as a medicinal chef, he’s also found work as a writer and TV presenter. Alongside his culinary expertise, he also boasts a degree in human nutrition and a post graduate diploma in Nutritional Medicine from the University of Surrey, meaning he can back up the health benefits of his cooking robustly.

To date, the chef has written nine books including ‘The Medicinal Chef: Eat Your Way to Better Health’, and ‘The Medicinal Chef: Healthy Every Day’. Several books have been translated into other languages for overseas audiences, and his cookbooks are available for purchase in over 20 countries – a testament to his universal appeal.

As part of the partnership with Alaska Seafood, Dale has been writing blog posts for the website on topics like healthy eating, sustainable fishing and of course, a smattering of recipes featuring Alaska seafood. We’ve rounded up some of the best Alaska Seafood recipes.

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Published to mark the recent National Pizza Day, Alaska Seafood shared this delicious looking take on a traditional pizza. Featuring no tomato sauce, it’s a Pizza Bianco topped with a soft cheese sauce, beautiful smoked Alaskan salmon and salty capers. It’s a far cry from the greasy offerings of your local pizzeria, and a delicious option if you fancy a pizza with a twist.

Salmon and chorizo may not seem like obvious bedfellows – but it’s a combination you’re sure to love once you’ve tried it. Fragrant cajun spices, heat from the chorizo and umami flavours from the celery in this recipe make it incredibly tasty. It’s an extra easy salmon and chorizo rice dish, as it utilises tinned salmon, making it a cheap and easy weeknight dinner option.

If it’s a showstopping recipe that you’re after, this one definitely delivers. A lighter, more spring-like take on the traditional beef wellington, it’s also deceptively easy to make. It could be a perfect centrepiece for a celebration dinner – whether it’s Easter, Mother’s Day or just a summer dinner party.

Dale Pinnock brand partnerships

If you’d like to hire a celebrity chef like Dale Pinnock to partner with your brand, you’re in the right place. MN2S represents a wide range of chefs with diverse skills and interests, so there’s sure to be someone who’s a perfect fit for your brand. Get in touch today to find out more about a celebrity chef brand partnership for your business.

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