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Drag queen and comedy hero Charlie Hides is best known for his song parodies and sketches on Youtube. The Londoner appeared on season 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race and was a fan favourite thanks to his fierce looks and unflinching comedy.

He’s one of the most fabulous acts on the books here at MN2S celebrity agency and a firm favourite for party bookings and other fun occasions.

Check out five of his best sketches and videos below:

Roar/Wrecking Ball Parody

The Kardashians have been one of the world’s most famous families for years now, thanks to ‘momager’ Kris Jenner. The Kardashian clan is very much a love-it or hate-it affair, and it’s not too hard to guess Charlie Hides’ feelings about the family thanks to this parody. Taking elements from Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball and Katy Perry’s Roar, Charlie Hides makes a disturbingly convincing Kris Jenner in the video!

Sh*t Lana Del Rey says

Charlie Hides isn’t famous for holding back in his videos, and in this one he dresses up as Lana Del Rey for an edition of, “Sh*t Lana Del Rey says.” One of the best moments is a dreamy sequence in which he says: “I have really strong instincts… dramatically… sonically… visually…cinematically… graphically… mathematically… any word that ends with a ‘ly’… basically.”

Madonna’s Gaga Nightmare

Dramatizing a feud between Lady Gaga and Madonna, this sketch sees Charlie Hides take on both roles (naturally) with aplomb. A furious Madonna accuses Gaga of stealing both her career and her gays, while Gaga carries out the conversation on the telephone she’s wearing as a hat. One of Hides’ earliest videos, it’s nonetheless a great watch.

Naked Prince Harry Sex Video

Remember the royal scandal when compromising photos were taken of Prince Harry? Charlie Hides created a hilarious sketch in which he played the news anchor, news reporter and a woman claiming to have taken the photos.

Although Charlie Hides is perhaps best known for his musical sketches, his comedy videos are also pretty hilarious. In this video, a reference to the Scream franchise of slasher horror films, Charlie calls a selection of celebrities who are thoroughly ambivalent about his stalking. A Halloween classic!

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