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Stories which certainly made their Christmas Entertainment a night to remember

Work Christmas parties have something of a reputation for debauchery. The combination of alcohol and professional contacts can be a risky one – whether you end up snogging a colleague or photocopying your bum. We’ve rounded up some of the best Christmas party stories of all time – your antics will pale in comparison!

Spreading festive cheer…

“There was this quiet, old janitor that worked our office building who was scheduled to retire on Christmas, so our Christmas party kind of included his farewell; we gave gifts to each other, put up a Christmas tree, people brought cakes and pastries, Christmas stuff.

“Then here comes the old janitor and he leaves a fairly big bag of presents under the tree; we’re all kind of surprised because no one seemed to interact with him that much, but nonetheless we thank him and wish him the best and stuff, then he leaves and presumably sets off to the Midwest. The next day, we open the presents, including his.

“Turns out, the retiring janitor gave everyone in the office a little bottle of sulphuric acid. Everybody got one, even me, I still have it. We don’t know where he got them or how much they cost, but apparently he hated our guts.”

Drunk gymnastics

“We were at the new guy’s house for the party because that was tradition for some reason. He had a split-level house, and someone thought it would be a good idea to try to swing from the balcony onto the table in the living room. It was a bad idea. Someone broke the table and half of the balcony fell off the wall. We then found out that it was, in fact, his mother’s house. She was just out for the weekend.”

One way to get a promotion

“My friend’s sister got promoted after an office Christmas party because her very drunk boss managed to puke all over her then laugh at himself. She told him the next day and his response was about the lines of, ‘Oh my goodness I am extremely sorry, would a promotion help? I’ll buy you a new dress, too.’ She ended up working for him for a while.”

Christmas hat fun

“When I was 22, I worked at a local rib restaurant. At our Christmas party, everyone was drinking and having a good time. One of the cooks was wearing a hat and I playfully grabbed it and put it on. My manager’s wife was standing with us and she grabbed the hat from me and put it on. Thinking we were playing a silly game, I grabbed it back. She promptly slapped me across the face. It was my first time meeting her and also my first (and only) face slap. My manager avoided me for my next two shifts before he pulled me in the office to apologize.”

Make your party one to remember with the perfect Christmas Entertainment.

Although it’s always a good idea to limit free alcohol and make sure your guests have a hearty meal to line their stomachs, if you want them to remember your party for the right reasons, a brilliant celebrity guest could be just the ticket. Whether as a personal appearance or an after dinner speaker, booking a celebrity will give your guests a great reason to remember the occasion. Get in touch with MN2S talent management agency to find out more about your options.

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