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Do you remember these hilarious moments from TOWIE?

It’s a show that’s famous for its high drama and ever changing allegiances, but The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE) does nevertheless have a handful of moments that were truly shocking – some of the best reality TV of all time!

Starting in 2010, the ‘scripted reality’ show was an instant hit, following the lives, loves and dramas of a group of 20-somethings in Essex – and seven years later, its stars are still grabbing headlines on a daily basis, and are some of the most highly sought-after celebrity talent at MN2S.

To date there have been 20 series of the show, and an ever changing cast allows the format to stay fresh, as well as regular specials and spin-off shows like The Only way is Marbs (filmed in Marbella) which keep the series from stagnating.

Filmed just a few days in advance of airing, the show is unique in that it keeps pace with its stars’ antics in the tabloids – rather than being aired several months later, this allows the show to remain current and ensures that it’s always a hot topic of conversation.

Keep reading to find out what we think are four of TOWIE’s most shocking moments so far:

“You ain’t ever gonna get this candy”

One of the show’s ongoing storylines has been the romance between cast members Gemma and Arg. It’s been on again and off again more times than we can count, but one of the most dramatic moments in their entire relationship came courtesy of a poolside showdown.

After Arg had (purportedly) been criticising Gemma’s body behind her back, she confronts him by the pool, where he is hanging out with two friends. After giving him a talking to, she drops her kaftan to reveal her swimsuit-clad body and tells Arg that he, “ain’t never gonna get this candy,” before storming off, surrounded by almost the entire cast.

Meet Joey Essex

Joey Essex didn’t join the TOWIE cast until the second series, but he’s become a byword for the show in the time since. In his first ever scene, the image-conscious Essex boy introduces fellow cast member to the word ‘reem’ (a creation all his own, meaning good) and proceeds to get confused about the difference between a hairdryer and a blowdryer (there isn’t one.)

It’s a scene which helps to set the tone for his whole character on the show – extremely confident but not very bright – and although it’s not a shocking moment in the way that you might be thinking, watching him get as confused as he does about hairdryers is certainly quite surprising!

Arg, Lydia and Mr Darcy

Ever the romantic, when Arg wanted to win back the heart of ex-girlfriend Lydia, he decided to make a big romantic gesture… and buy her a micro-pig called Mr Darcy. The pig, it quickly emerged, was not actually a micro-pig at all, just a baby pig, and it soon began to grow to an unmanageable size.

The final straw came when Lydia began to fear for her elderly dog’s life, as Mr Darcy would try to play with the dog and risk crushing it. It all has a happy ending, because Mr Darcy now resides on a local farm where Lydia still visits him, but the moral of the story is that pigs don’t make good gifts!

Kirk and Maria’s big bust-up

When Kirk takes Lucy out on a date and bumps into Lauren and Maria things soon escalate into a passive-aggressive argument as Lauren asks Kirk to ditch Lucy if he wants to talk to her about their relationship ending.

Its a dramatic enough exchange as is, but when Maria butts in to defend her friend, Kirk tells her to shut up because she’s an extra – one of the biggest slurs in the TOWIE dictionary! If it’s drama you love, this clip is well worth a watch.

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