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Countdown of the British Soap’s Most Memorable Scenes

Love it or hate it, Coronation Street is a soap that’s here to stay – more than fifty years after the show first aired, it’s still pulling in thousands of viewers for every episode. And whatever you may think about the soap format, Corrie has broken down boundaries in ways that few other TV dramas have managed, highlighting issues like teen pregnancy and child sexual exploitation, as well as featuring some of the first on-screen gay relationships.

Debuting in 1960, the programme focuses on the residents of Coronation Street in Wetherfield, a fictional town designed to resemble the real life suburb of Salford. As well as its terraced houses, Coronation Street plays host to a taxicab office, a textiles factory and perhaps most famously the Rover’s Return.

There are few TV shows in British broadcasting history that are quite so iconic – and if it’s iconic that you’re after in a celebrity guest, you’ll be thrilled to hear we have Ken Barlow, aka William Roache, on the books at our entertainment agency. We’ve picked out some of the best ever moments from this well-loved serial below:

Richard Hillman drives into the canal

One of Corrie’s most memorable moments came back in 1998, where Gail Platt, a woman with a penchant for unsuitable men, was married to Richard Hillman. Perhaps the most unsuitable of all of her unsuitable men, he turned out to be a serial killer and was memorably described by her as, Norman Bates with a briefcase.

The apex of his storyline came when he tried to drive Gail and her two children, David and Sarah-Lou into the canal, to the dulcet tones of The Wannadies’ You and Me. Gail and her offspring survived, but Hillman did not.

Hayley Cropper

If Coronation Street sometimes veers towards the absurd and the ridiculous, it also deals with certain issues in a uniquely sensitive and sometimes mundane manner. Hayley Cropper was the first transgender character in a UK soap opera, and joined the cast of Coronation Street in 1998. Remaining with the cast until she was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2014, the character of Hayley was a study in changing perceptions.

She found love with Roy and, as she was dying, persuaded him to help her to end her own life, dealing sensitively once more with the topic of voluntary euthanasia on one of the nation’s most watched TV programmes.

The Tram Crash

Corronation Street Tram crash

When Coronation Street celebrated its 50th birthday in 2010, producers decided to mark the occasion with a special live episode, filmed as it was screened. They didn’t make things easy for themselves, choosing to stage a tram crash which involved stunts and childbirth – all without the benefit of post-production!

The episode was a success and the tram crash remains one of Corrie’s most iconic moments.

Deirdre Barlow’s love life

Coronation Street british television soap

Deirdre’s love life was always a chequered affair, but it was the love triangle of Deirdre, Mike and Ken which caused her the most problems. A long-running saga which spanned years and saw her married several times, Deirdre eventually settled down with Ken for good in 2005, in an episode aired the day before the wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla. As with in 1981, when they were married within 48 hours of Charles and Diana, the Barlow wedding drew in more viewers -13 million to the 9 million who watched the royal wedding!

Sarah-Lou’s teenage pregnancy

sarah-lou Coronation street pregnancy

Sarah-Louise Platt was a stroppy teenager when she found herself faced with the prospect of becoming a teenage mum. She decided to keep the baby and gave birth at the age of just 13, bringing an important social issue to the table through the small screen. Nowadays her daughter Bethany, the product of that pregnancy, is causing as much trouble as her mum ever did on the street.

Celebrity talent on Coronation Street

If you’re in the market for a celebrity guest to attend your next event and your audience is full of soap fans, William Roache could be the perfect celebrity speaker. With Coronation Street since the very first episode, he’s got plenty of insight and anecdotes about the UK’s favourite soap.

To find out more about booking a soap star like William, get in touch with MN2S today.

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