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You may think that you’ve seen every possible gimmick for a celebrity chef – whether it’s saucy flirtiness with Nigella Lawson or laddish banter from Jamie Oliver. There are popular online videos which don’t even feature a chef, just hands making light work of a recipes. But New York chef Franco Noriega has found a new way to grow his viewership – in his Youtube videos, the chef cooks naked.

Franco Noriega model

His personal Instagram account recently went viral, with people the world over going crazy for his looks and his food. To capitalise on this, he began sharing videos of himself cooking healthy recipes on youtube – totally in the buff.

It’s not like he isn’t qualified – Franco is a restaurateur in New York City who has an eatery called Baby Brasa on the Lower East Side.

Initially deciding to share his videos in his native language of Spanish (Franco is Peruvian), after a steamy appearance on Ellen he’s begun filming the videos in English, to appeal to a wider audience of fans.

Franco was born in Peru, a country with a rich culinary tradition. With his parents already owning a restaurant, it was fate that he would end up a chef. After beginning his career in his family restaurant, he decided to train at Le Cordon Bleu school, one of the most prestigious in the world, before completing his education in New York.

As a qualified chef, he has worked as a private chef for celebrities and high rollers in New York City and served private dinners for some of the world’s biggest brands (including L’Oreal and Bergdorf Goodman).

His restaurant, Baby Brasa has found popularity in NYC where it serves up healthy takes on Peuvian dishes such as rotisserie chicken, and he makes regular appearances on some of the nation’s biggest cookery slots.

His cheeky nature and the fun novelty of his cooking videos would make him the ideal brand ambassador for a wide range of brands. His entertaining showmanship, too, would make him a fantastic celebrity guest at any kind of foodie event. Get in touch with agents at top talent agency MN2S to find out more about booking an appearance from Franco Noriega.

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