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Whatever your event, be it a corporate ceilidh, a glamorous sweet-sixteen, an exclusive night-club opening or even a no expense spared wedding party we’ve got you covered.

We’ve put together a top list of reasons why it’s always a good idea to work with a celebrity agency when booking celebrity talent.

First off…

Good relationships

Good celebrity agencies have spent time and effort in building positive relationships with their high-profile celebrity roster. Going through an agency gives the celebrity reassurance – you’re not just some guy off the street, you’ve chosen a reputable agency that they know they can trust – and you know you can trust as well. Trust, respect and strong working relationships go a long way in this game.

Experienced booking agents

No matter whether it’s our John Barnes booking agent or our Boy George booking agent. Our super experienced celebrity agents will give you the right advice and make sure you get the celebrity talent you need for your event. Whatever your budget, we have the knowledge, and the right talent for the job. We’ve got an exhaustive list here: everyone from musicians, DJs, reality TV stars, after dinner speakers, sports stars, actors, models and professional MCs. Whether you’re in need of a buzzing entrepreneur, or a specialist speaker, our roster is full of diversity and ready for you.

Performer diversity

Working with a celebrity agency will help you to make the right decision about the celebrity talent you choose. But before you leap in, have a list of factors in mind as you make the all-important decision. Think about celebrity connections to your event or cause, is there a natural link you can take advantage of? How likely is it that your favoured celebs will be available? If there’s a new album in the pipeline or a tour announcement, then the answer is: ‘not very’. Do they shine in the media spotlight, or stay away from it at all costs? If so, they’re probably not going to be interested even if you ask nicely.


The whole idea of hiring celebrity talent through a celebrity agency, is to make money. One of the ways this can happen comes from star and fan power. Think about your chosen talent’s fans. Are they right people to associate with your brand? Will they help to spread the word about your event, and do you want them too? Think back to an out of control teen house party, and you’ll start to get the right picture. Slightly trickier, you need to consider the idea of media controversy. If you go for a celeb who likes to play devil’s advocate or can’t control their mouth in public, are their antics going to do your brand harm, or good? Working with us means we figure all of this out before you’ve even thought of it.

Details, details, details

From the very tiny details like social sharing hash tags, venue maps, food and water, to the bigger essentials like travel, accommodation and other necessary negotiations, celebrity bookings can be notoriously difficult and time consuming. Working with us means we’ll sweat the small stuff so you don’t have to. We’ll also make sure you have a good fit. So George Clooney might well make your heart flutter but is he the right guy for your product launch – scratch that, when isn’t George Clooney a good fit? Let’s put it this way instead, if you are honouring the finest brains in the land, perhaps with a lifetime achievement award in neuroscience, you’re going to need someone who is up to the challenge you present, without doing anyone a disservice, need we say more?

Worldwide reach

Because we operate in a hundred countries around the world, we have an incredible roster of celebrities from all fields, from all over the world too. The perfect option for multi-nationals, or even if you’re tasked with the challenge of organizing an event in another country, our global reach means we can meet every need you might have.

Booking celebrities


We’ve got a hot roster of celebrity talent, from hyper-cool DJs, to sports personalities, and after dinner speakers of all specialities, whatever the event you are organising, we’ve got the right celebrity for you.

Leave the hard work to us and you can focus on all the other stuff you will need to take care of on the run up to your event – like the promotion, the marketing, and the logistics.

For award ceremonies, product launches, and private parties – whatever your event – get in touch with our celebrity agents and see how working with a celebrity agency will make your event go off stress-free, and with a little celebrity sparkle.

For booking enquiries, please contact celebrity talent agency MN2S.

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