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For entertainment that will have any audience spellbound, it’s tough to beat a magician – and shows like Penn & Teller: Fool Us are whetting our appetite for it. Seeing magic in the flesh is an entirely different experience to seeing it on a TV screen. No matter how often the magician reassures his audience that there are no camera tricks involved, it’s hard to believe on a TV show. In the flesh, there’s no choice but to believe!


Magicians, too, are becoming a much more diverse and interesting group of people. Gone are the days of the top hat and tails, the scantily clad assistant and the classic tricks – no, the new wave of magicians are doing much more than pulling rabbits out of hats.

One of the hottest young magicians on the block is Magical Bones (real name, Richard Essien). He’s not new to the entertainment business though; this intriguing individual started his career as a backing dancer for acts like Madonna and the Black Eyed Peas. He practiced magic tricks in his spare time, and eventually put together an act which combined magic with his beloved hip hop dancing.

“I think becoming a magician was my natural evolution as an artist,” he says, “I reached where I wanted to reach as a dancer and I had always been enhancing my magic skills since a child and I just thought I wanted to try and somehow merge these two skills and passions together

“I thought ‘let me go into magic and bring the skills I learnt as a dancer into this new arena.’ So it was just me growing as an artist really.”

Since launching his act, Magical Bones has wowed This Morning’s Holly and Phil and headlined his own show in London’s West End.

book magical bones

He’s also had his five minutes of fame on the TV, appearing on Around the World in 80 Tricks. Of that, he says: “What was great, is that the visuals can translate across any language barrier so you don’t have speak the language to share magic. People can see magic and feel the experience of magic. They can be astonished no matter their language or culture.”

It’s exactly that universality which makes magic such a great choice of event entertainment. No matter the interests of your audience, they’re sure to find a magician interesting. The interactive elements of a magic show can help to break the ice if your guests aren’t well acquainted with each other – and Magical Bones can be booked for more than just entertainment. His unique skills would make him a brand ambassador with real appeal, who could perform multiple functions.

If you’re interested in hiring one of the industry’s slickest magicians, get in touch today with MN2S talent management agency.


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